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Former Reagor-Dykes CFO requests change of venue in lawsuit

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Shane Smith, photo from Reagor Dykes website Shane Smith, photo from Reagor Dykes website
LUBBOCK, Texas -

Former Reagor-Dykes chief financial officer Shane Smith wants a change of venue for First Bank & Trust's lawsuit against him. 

A filing in U.S. Bankruptcy Court states trial of this suit in the Lubbock Division would "deprive Smith of his inherent right of an impartial jury".

First Bank & Trust filed suit against Reagor-Dykes and several other defendants, claiming the Auto Group has defaulted on loans, conducted floor plan financing fraud and perpetrated a check-kiting scheme. First Bank & Trust seeks monetary relief of more than $1 million.

Wednesday's filing continues, "[a]lthough Smith has great faith in the Lubbock community to uphold its civic duties, the improbability of securing a jury panel that has not been prejudiced or impacted, directly or indirectly, by the alleged actions of Reagor Dykes Auto Group, puts Smith’s Constitutional rights in jeopardy."

Smith's attorney claims a significant percentage of Lubbock-area residents have been directly or indirectly notified and/or impacted by the bankruptcy and litigation. It also notes hundreds of consumers and their families have been affected by unpaid trade-ins, delayed titles and crediting issues. Many citizens, businesses and charities have been impacted by the loss of capital that was injected into the community, both directly and indirectly by the Reagor Dykes Auto Group through donations, charitable work, and revenues from outside sources, according to the filing.

The filing cites dozens of news stories from local media outlets. "As a result, a significant percentage of the Lubbock area residents have likely already formed an opinion about the allegations contained in this lawsuit and in other related lawsuits. Appendix 1-75. As such, Smith requests that this Court transfer this case to the Dallas Division of the Northern District of Texas, or another District in Texas, for further proceeding."

First Bank & Trust filed this lawsuit against Reagor Auto Mall d/b/a Reagor-Dykes of Levelland and d/b/a Reagor Dykes Imports, First Capital Bank, Bart Reagor, Rick Dykes, Smith, former Reagor-Dykes controller Sheila Miller, First Capital Bank CEO Brad Burgess and First Capital Bank Chairman Kenneth Burgess.

In another lawsuit filed solely against Smith, Vista Bank and Smith reached a settlement. Vista had claimed Smith defaulted on a $200,000 personal loan.

A filing from Vista stated both sides reached an agreement out of court.

Potential criminal investigations

Smith's filing also notes:

"Since the date of the alleged incidents, Defendant Smith and, upon information and belief, other defendants, including [Reagor Auto Mall] and its officers, have been, or are likely to become, involved in criminal investigations arising from the alleged events made the basis of this suit.1 The publicized events surrounding RAM has generated civil lawsuits and, upon information and belief, criminal investigations, and has been the subject of multiple news stories and reports that are or may be prejudicial to Defendant Smith."

In a separate filing Wednesday, Smith asks the court to allow potential criminal proceedings to move forward and put this civil suit on hold.

"Since the date of the alleged incidents, Defendant Smith and, upon information and belief, other defendants, including RAM and its officers, have been, or may become involved in criminal investigations arising from the alleged events made the basis of this suit."

The filing states responding in this civil case could jeopardize his Fifth Amendment privilege against self-incrimination in any potential criminal case. Conversely, invoking the Fifth in a potential criminal case could harm his case in this suit, as spelled out below:

"If Smith responds to discovery or further issues in this proceeding, he would be jeopardizing his Fifth Amendment privilege against self-incrimination by creating the possibility that his answers will aid a possible government prosecution of him. On the other hand, if Smith invokes his Fifth Amendment privilege, then he risks severe prejudice in this proceeding that could amount to a forfeiture of his due process rights to defend himself. Accordingly, Smith seeks to abate or stay this proceeding until any possible criminal investigations, and any subsequent proceedings, are concluded."

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