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Keep the Grinch out: Lubbock County to increase patrol presence in neighborhoods during holidays

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

While you are spending the holidays with family and friends, the Lubbock County Sheriff's Department will be making sure your house is safe.

It is a part of its kickoff for "Operation St. Nick," which will increase police presence in select areas to prevent property theft during the holiday season.

Sheriff Kelly Rowe said Operation St. Nick is designed to prevent these property crimes from happening in neighborhoods across the county. 

"As the old saying goes, our primary focus is to keep the grinch from being able to do what he typically does during the holidays: Get into people's homes and steal all the presents under the tree," Rowe said.

However, the police cannot be everywhere, and Rowe said residents have to keep an eye out for each other.

"Nobody knows their neighborhoods better than the individuals who reside in them. So they know who's supposed to be there, but more importantly, who's not supposed to be there," Rowe said.

In fact, South Lubbock resident Estefany Arellano said everyone in her neighborhood has each other's phone numbers in case something happens. 

"Around here, we have pretty good communication with everybody, and we talk to everybody. We all just watch out for everyone because we have had a couple of accidents here before," Arellano said.

A.B. Morris, another resident in South Lubbock, said it is pretty clear when someone is not where they are supposed to be. 

"I think mainly for any neighborhood it's just watching. Looking out for anything strange, people driving by real slow several times that have no business in the neighborhood, so you're just looking for stuff that's a little out of the ordinary most of the time," Morris said.

Even if the neighbors cannot see these burglars, Morris said other security measures can. 

"We've got some neighbors that do have some security cameras, and quite a few people out here also have animals. There's a lot of people who like their dogs and when they start barking, it kind of lets someone know something is not right," Morris said.

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