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DPS encourages drivers to prepare for winter weather

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

Fortunately, the elements were not as bad as expected. However, with it technically still Fall, there is a lot of winter weather to brace for. 

Most of us do not think much about driving until we are actually behind the wheel. However, Lieutenant Bryan Witt reminds us, some of the most important precautions are what you do before you start up the car. 

"Get out in the mornings, make sure your windows are clear," Witt said. "Get out of here with a scraper, some defroster."

He adds, check your tire pressure and fluid levels. 

"So when you first start out you should test the roadways when your leaving your residence, hit your breaks a couple of times and see if you're actually sliding before you get out on the main roadway," Witt said.

Once you are on the road, Witt said to go at the appropriate speed depending on just how bad the conditions are. Keep a good amount of distance from the driver in front of you and when it comes to predicting just how icy the roads may get, he said to check your forecasts.

"If it's below freezing, you can almost guarantee ya that there is going to be some icy spots," Witt said. "Once you start getting down into the 20's and 10's..  It's going to be icy everywhere." 

Witt recalls the 2016 blizzard where motorists were stranded all over the county.

"We had a lot of people on the roadways that couldn't do anything, we couldn't get to them, we had fire trucks getting stuck, we had road raiders getting stuck," Witt said.

Eventually, drivers were rescued, but Lieutenant Witt said it is an example to always prepare for the worst. 

"Get the food that you need for that period of time because usually these storms only last one, two, three days before it warms back up," Witt said. "So that's some time that you can prepare ahead of that to get your supplies at home so you don't have to make an unnecessary trips out in the snow." 

Witt said to look out for black ice, especially on or under overpasses and bridges. In addition, make sure you have plenty of time set aside to get to your destination.

"Don't try to make up time on the road," Witt said. "Get there when you get there and get there safely. That's the main thing."

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