Sen. Cruz rallies in Lubbock six days before Election Day - FOX34 Lubbock

Sen. Cruz rallies in Lubbock six days before Election Day


With early voting ending on Friday and Election Day on Tuesday, Senator Ted Cruz makes one last stop in Lubbock to encourage voters to show up at the polls.

He rallied in front of a crowd at 4 Bar K Ranch, where he stressed how he worked hand in hand with President Trump to lower taxes, regulations and have the lowest unemployment rate among adults, African Americans and Hispanics since 1969. 

Cruz called his opponent, Beto O'Rourke, "Radical, reckless and not Texas," while appealing to a crowd of all ages, but with an especially high number of young voters.

"West Texas matters a great deal because the common sense conservative values in West Texas, the rest of the state is counting on West Texas to show up, and show up in big numbers to ensure that we keep this economic boom growing we secure our border, that we keep freedom and we defend freedom in our state," Senator Cruz stressed.

One Cruz's supporters, Nathan Shank, isn't even old enough to vote, "I turn 18 in June, I'll be able to vote in the next presidential election," Shank said. "I will make it a point to never say, your opinion doesn't matter because you're not old enough to vote. I think everyone should have an opinion and that's why I'm here, I'm 17 years old. I can't vote, but I am out here to support him."

Tatum Brinkley is 19-years-old and voting in her first major election. "I just love it, I think that I've waited for this day for 18 years and now I can finally go out and vote and I can have a say in what goes on," she said. "Voting is the best way to express what goes on and if you don't vote then you're not really giving yourself an opportunity to say what you believe so I think that it's really important for young people to get out in vote and start that chain of events now so it becomes something that you do reoccurring every day."

Matthew Mize is another 19-year-old voter. He said he also plans on encouraging his friends to get out to the polls. "Less and less people are voting nowadays and now that I'm eligible to vote I need to get out there and actually do something that can make a difference," he said.

Senator Cruz said he welcomes all conservative and moderate Democrats to get on board. He encouraged West Texas to follow his "Alpha Path" which he described as Republicans holding the house and hold majority in the Senate, while cutting taxes, increasing jobs and building President Trump's border wall.

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