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President Trump plans to put an end to birth right citizenship

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

President Trump said he will void the birth right citizenship guarantee through an executive order, but changing the constitution requires a long and arduous amendment process so he's hoping to circumvent that.

The 14th amendment establishes that all persons born in the U.S. are citizens and are guaranteed all the rights of citizenship. In an interview with Axios on HBO president Trump hinted at ending birth right citizenship to children who are born to non U.S. citizens through an executive order. 

"I must say I am surprised to hear that president Trump is thinking of violating that," said Arnold Loewey, constitutional law professor at Texas Tech." He has talked so frequently about the importance of judges that follow the law and not make the law."

Changing the 14th amendment would require super majority votes in congress or 34 states to propose it, then 37 states have to ratify it.

If president Trump does pursue the executive order, he is bound to face court challenges along the way. It remains unclear if he would be successful. In the interview with Axios the president did not provide any additional details of his plan, but did say it is in the process. 

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