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Lubbock County voting machines working fine, amid reports of statewide malfunction in Texas

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

Election Day is one week away, and as we reported Monday, there are reports in Texas of early voting machines malfunctioning, including some votes switching on a ballot.

While reportedly an issue in some parts of the state, Lubbock County Elections Administrator Dorothy Kennedy said voting machines are working just fine in in this area.

"We know without a doubt that ours are not flipping votes in any way, but it is also the voter's responsibility to own that part of taking the time to review their pages to make sure it is like it needs to be," Kennedy said.

In fact, Kennedy said Lubbock County no longer has the machines mentioned in the reports. 

"Our voters need to remember we have the new Hart Verity 2.0 system here in Lubbock, and so we're not seeing anything with what other places have said is happening. We're not seeing that in Lubbock County," Kennedy said.

Even when the county had the Hart Legacy machines two years ago, Kennedy said the elections office never heard of an issue.

"We had the Hart Legacy system before we got the Verity back in 2017, and we never had the problems of switching votes. A lot of times, it's people turning the dials and pushing the buttons too soon and you have to let the units do one thing at a time," Kennedy said.

At the same time, Kennedy said the elections office is working as meticulously as possible, conducting more than four tests prior to each ballot.

"We've done a lot of testing, we've had lots of eyes on it, we've even had candidates come in and proof the ballot with the way their name is said on the audio, where it's tied to the correct candidate, and where it's tied to straight party, if needed. So lots of eyes go into looking at the Lubbock County ballot before we even mail our very first mail ballot," Kennedy said.

She emphasized voter confidence in ballot security is key with Election Day next Tuesday.

"It's important that voters know that their ballot is secure, it's transparent, it's voted the way they want it voted, it's going to be counted the way they want it counted, and that's why we take great concern. That's why we have so many checks and balances," Kennedy said.

Kennedy added human error is more to blame than any technology glitch, and the most important thing to do is to always double check the voting summary before casting a ballot, in order to make sure everything is accurate. 

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