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Eppler: "Halloween" finally gets a worthy sequel

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There have now been eleven of these "Halloween" movies about unstoppable serial killer Michael Myers - a lot of screen time dedicated to a character who isn't at all interesting aside from the Captain Kirk mask.

The 1978 "Halloween" is a classic, where writer and director John Carpenter established many of the slasher movie tropes we've seen since and made a star out of an unknown Jamie Lee Curtis. Then there was the second one where they killed Michael Myers, the third one where he sat out entirely, the fourth one where he came back and they killed him again, the fifth one where he wasn't really dead again, the sixth one with young Paul Rudd, the seventh when Jamie Lee Curtis needed another paycheck and she kills Michael again, the eighth where Michael wasn't really dead again, and then two reboot movies made by rocker Rob Zombie. 

So I can understand why this new "Halloween" pretends all those other terrible sequels never happened - functioning as a direct sequel to Carpenter's movie 40 years later. And for what it wants to be, it's not bad, actually. I'd recommend watching the first one again before this new one because director David Gordon Green inserts plenty of callbacks - some of them pretty clever.

Jamie Lee Curtis is fantastic - waiting all these years for another showdown with her attacker. She's essentially a doomsday prepper, with her doomsday being the return of the maniac who is definitely not her brother. The movie gradually ratchets up the intensity to a pretty thrilling cat and mouse final showdown that's well directed. 

This is a good bit of fan service, but there's still a lot of dumb stuff here - especially the final resolution that almost ruins the whole thing. Michael still isn't interesting, even though the movie works hard to convince us otherwise. He's a 61-year-old man now, so pretty soon he'll just be killing young people for being on his lawn. But something tells me he won't be retiring any time soon. 



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