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Texas Air Conditioning Contractors Association members team up to "Heat the Town"

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

Each winter Lubbock residents heating units need repairs, but some cannot afford it. Faulty heating systems or lack of heat all together, could be potentially fatal. 

To help protect families from carbon monoxide poisoning or gas leaks, volunteer technicians with the Texas Air Conditioning Contractors Association heat homes for the winter ahead.  

"This is our way of giving back, we had a lady a couple of years ago say you guys are my heroes, I haven't had heat in three years," Jim Boen, TACCA, said. "That's unacceptable in Lubbock, Texas. There's too many good air conditioning contractors, there's too many good churches, distributors will help us and we can help those people out."

Boen has been a volunteer with "Heat the Town" since 2002. He helps perform critical safety checks on heating equipment for elderly, disabled homeowners or low income families. 

"A lot of dedicated contractors in Lubbock get together in the morning and we'll divvy up our calls and we'll go out to elderly, and needy customers and work on service, repair their heaters for them. We get them some good heat this winter," he said.

Technicians donate time, money and materials to ensure the work is cost-free for the homeowners.

"Each year we hear a story about someone getting hurt, or killed with gas poisoning. And we try to alleviate that," Boen said.

He said many homeowners who cannot afford repairs attempt to fix it themselves, which could cause more damage."

"Well, it's a good feeling getting the furnace checked. Ordinarily i probably wouldn't have it done by a company, I'd just do it myself," John Nutt, homeowner, said. "I don't have to crawl up in that attic."

Nutt is one of about 60 recipients benefiting from "Heat the Town". He said he's thankful for the volunteers and believes this service is bettering the community. 

"It's good because a lot of people, like i said, don't check their furnace. They'll check it in the spring but won't check it in the fall. And you know filters get clogged up. Which is a fire hazard, especially in the winter time."

Boen said about 15 different companies work together, but encourages more to join. 

"We need more companies involved. All these younger companies, come on. You're going to get something out of it. If you ever work heat the town, you're taking the bait and you're going to get hooked," he said. "It's a good, not only way of warming them up, but we're warming ourselves up. It's a good feeling, the guys really have a good feeling when they get through doing what they do."

People in need should call the South Plains Association of Governments at 762-8721 or 687-0940.

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