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Lubbock woman seeking closure after father's case caught up in medical examiner backlog

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

A family suing for wrongful death is currently unable to move forward with the lawsuit due to the Lubbock Co. medical examiner's office failure to provide a death certificate.

In a press conference last week, Dr. Sam Andrews said his office is behind on 427 cases. One of those, Stephanie Loughborough's father, Robert.

"My father was the epitome of all males," Loughborough said. "He like to putter in his shop. He was the best grandfather I could have ever wanted for my kids."

Stephanie's father was forced to use a walker after a brief battle with pneumonia left him with nerve damage. 

"We had seen doctors and suggested pain management and to go in and do a minor back surgery," she said.

She said her father never made it to his appointment for the surgery after his walker collapsed on him.

"He was on the ground laying on top of this walker that had trapped his feet and legs, just folded up and he couldn't move for almost three hours, screaming for help for anybody to help him before we found him."

He died later at the hospital.

Now she is waiting to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the maker of the Rollator, but she cannot because of the backlog at the ME's office.

"It has been a horrific deal just to go through this and then to add insult to injury, every time I call I got another two weeks, another two weeks, call back, call back. Nobody would give me any answers, anything."

Dr. Andrews said, in his press conference last week, the most pressing cases would be tackled within 30 to 90 days. Stephanie said she has only received mixed messages about when her father's case will be completed.

"I feel for the new medical examiner and for what he's having to go through but what about the 427 families that are just trying to move past the loss of their loved ones," she said.

We reached out to the ME's office for an update on the backlogged cases and how long it will be before Stephanie will receive her father's death certificate however, no one responded to our request.

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