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Eppler: I dare you to watch "Sorry to Bother You"

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Boots Riley's "Sorry to Bother You" is among the new movies out this week on DVD, Blu-ray and streaming. It has to be one of the wildest movies you'll see this year - a bizarre blast of offbeat originality that comes out of nowhere

The story focuses on Cassius, played by Lakieth Stanfield, who is terrific in the FX series "Atlanta." He's a guy just barely getting by. When he gets a job at a telemarketing company, he gets some advice on sales by a veteran caller, Danny Glover: use his "white voice."

A black man using white cultural appropriation to climb the corporate ladder would be a good enough idea on its own for a movie, but it's only the beginning of Riley's satirical targets including race, class, labor rights, media and the nature of capitalism. It's a lot for one movie to handle - really too much in a way that becomes unwieldy. But Riley's creativity and ambition are pretty amazing to watch as he gradually turns up the absurdity amp to 11. It's honestly kind of amazing this thing exists and got a wide release. 

For more on the movies ready to take home, watch the attached video.

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