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Outside classroom at Hutchinson Middle School is changing the traditional educational approach

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

The vision of an outdoor classroom setting of an English teacher at Hutchinson Middle comes to fruition with the help of three brothers who are all a part of the eagle scouts.

Nathan Dahlstrom, an English teacher at Hutchinson Middle School said that during his first year of teaching he wanted a place where he could take his students out doors. 

"I wanted to show them really what I think the birth of great literature is really nature observation, great stories, great poems come from observing nature," said Dahlstrom. "Many kids today aren't getting any nature in their lives."

After presenting the idea of an outdoor classroom to the principal, Dahlstrom was granted a spot in the court yard. 

"I said OK great now how am I going to do that and so I began talking with my peer across the way Mrs. Breahmer who teaches science and she said well I have three boys and they are all going to be Eagle Scouts and the first one needs an Eagle Scout project," said Dahlstrom. "I said BINGO I need you to build me a flower bed and so her first boy Jack built a flower bed."

Max the second Breahmer brother then built an arbor with a sign that reads wildflower kingdom. Ford Breahmer, the youngest of the three put the final touch to the series of eagle scout projects. 

"I decided to add on with the outdoor classroom and I think it is a good way for students to get out and learn," said Breahmer. "There is a big window in the second floor that views out into the court yard and there is a sign that says find beauty on it and I think with this environment to learn in, it puts the find beauty to the full extent."

Dahlstrom said the outdoor classroom isn't an a new technique...its being used in other schools across the country....and it's been proven to be a successful educational approach.

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