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City Council unveils 2040 plan for Lubbock in effort to urbanize city

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

A 20-year plan to renovate the city of Lubbock is in the works, as the city council released a final draft of the comprehensive project Monday morning in a news conference.

According to the document, the plan primarily focuses on public transportation, future land use, livability, and economic development in the city. 

Mayor Dan Pope said this 2040 plan sets the course for decades.

"It brings us into today's time. We work around so many, particularly as we deal with development, decisions that were made in the mid-1980s, and there's a lot that's changed in our community since then. To me, it brings us forward and allows us to grow the right way. It's another one of those boxes we needed to check as we continue to be the community we want to be," Pope said.

AJ Fawver, the city's planning director, said it identifies the policies and tools critical to the city maximizing its full potential. 

"The comprehensive plan is a really important document for cities and that it's sort of the roadmap for the future. It outlines the way we're going to be dealing with future infrastructure needs, future transportation needs, how we modify and sort of supplement our cultural resources, how we help the land use that is coming into Lubbock grow in an appropriate way. So this lays our course of work for the next several years. It will dictate what policies, ordinances, plans, and concepts we're looking to introduce, and all of these are looking at a cohesive vision for Lubbock," Fawver said. 

Fawver said the plan includes major renovations to downtown, in an effort to bring the area back to prominence. 

"Downtown is a very important part in this plan. You'll see things in there that speak to how we make the streets feel more comfortable through landscaping and street-scaping. You'll see things that talk about how we can utilize the economic development partners in the city to create a synergy that builds more investment in the downtown area and brings both living areas and businesses into the downtown area that will help it be a very active center of our community," Fawver said.

David Driskill, the director of UrbanTech, said the city is sending a message that downtown is a centerpiece in its plan to help urbanize Lubbock. 

"I think it identifies downtown as the heart of the city, and it's really at a point now where it's a disadvantage for the city, and we want to turn that around. I know at Tech when we're on search committees, we bring in people from all over the world, and some people just can't figure out how to live in Lubbock because they're urban people. What looks perfectly normal to us, doesn't seem like it's fitting to them," Driskill said. 

Mayor Pope added there is a town hall scheduled on the October 15, where you can give input on the plan and bring forward questions to the council.

For the final draft of the plan, click this link here

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