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Eppler: "Small Foot" is a kids' movie with a message

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My five-year-old son thought "Small Foot" was just okay (I think he probably liked the popcorn more). I only mention that so I won't sound like a jaded, cranky critic when I say he's right - it's not all that good. It's mildly enjoyable, and it would be entirely forgettable if it didn't have some audacious depth in its core message.

Channing Tatum voices a Yeti who lives on top of a mountain in a Yeti village that has its own history and scientific and religious observances - one being that humans are myths. When he finds one - he's cast out of the village by the government in a cover up. He falls in with a group of conspiracy theorists who believe in the small foots.

The other side of the story is a human voiced by James Corden - a nature TV show host whose ratings would be helped by discovering yetis.

There's a lot of silly slapstick and lazy jokes. There are also several songs, but the only one that is memorable is a rather lame sampling (read: rip-off) of a Bowie and Queen classic. 

The message of the movie almost justifies all this mediocrity. It's not often there's a children's movie that encourages critical thinking and skepticism of authority and "woke-ness." That's interesting. I just wish the other elements of the picture rose to that same level of audaciousness.

"Small Foot" is a pleasant diversion for families. But so is a trip to the library. Maybe do that, instead, but with popcorn.



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