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Vegas massacre survivor finds faith through tragedy

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Monday marks one year since the Las Vegas massacre. 

It was the largest mass shooting in modern U.S. history killing 59, wounding hundreds of others. 

Aaron DeView was bartending the Route 91 Harvest Music Fest on the Vegas Strip. 

"While he's singing there's what everyone else seems to seem in fire crackers," DeView said. "Through a matter of a moment, the process was going from why would anyone do that, that's mean, it was just a scare tactic and people are running and are like oh we got to go and are freaking out because they're thinking it's bullets or something so we started running scared and people scattered."

"Quickly after that it was bloodshed. It was complete chaos," he said. "Everyone who could run, ran. Everyone who didn't run was protecting somebody else that was injured or shot."

He and his friends ran, looking for any kind of shelter from the horror surrounding them.

"The group that I'm with come up to a fence and my vehicle is on the other side of the fence and it's the only access we have to get in there at that time. Everything else was covered and we look at this fence like it was a 10 foot brick wall. Without saying anything we make eye contact with each other, I have the same instant thought, let's give it a try. We push the fence and it comes down like a piece of paper."

Immediately they load up and try to get out of harms way.

"We come to bodies in the road and it's like stop and help or keep going."

They stop.

"First victim is laying on the ground and someone is leaning over him trying to help him. You need help? Of course he does. Can you put him in your truck? Absolutely. Let's get him in. He's got three bullet shots through the stomach. He's gasping for air but he's still alive. At that moment here comes everybody."

They put as many people in the truck as possible to take them to help.

"We get to the end, to the end of the road where we're trying to get out was blocked off with the ambulances that couldn't come any farther so, but we couldn't get by them. It was make shift triage right there on the side of the road so we just unloaded everybody."

DeView made it through unscathed, at least physically.

"I asked why about everything. Why am I here? Why am I not dead? Why's this happening to everybody?"

Shortly thereafter tragedy struck again with the loss of a close friend, then again with the death of his dad. 

Despite heartbreak after another this is just the beginning of DeView's story.

"Had this not happened I wouldn't have been desperate enough to find where I'm at and who I am. Therefore I have and tragedy is going to come, it's what you do with them."

His faith in God grew stronger, his search for answers found a new path, one in which led him to the church and calmed his worries.

"The journey has been with controversy and great pain but with amazing reward once you figure out there's only one person that's going to help you out and that's you through him."

As far as answers, the investigation into the "why" behind the massacre was closed in August with no motive found.

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