Double T 97-3 Answers 9-25

Double T 97-3 Answers 9-25

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This week the Double T staff answer "After 3 straight wins for the Red Raiders, where do you put their win total for the season?"

Jamie Lent - The Morning Drive and Press Box

I always try not to be a prisoner of the moment, even though I think I fail miserably at that many times. I started the year predicting Tech would win seven games, then dropped it to six after looking bad in week one vs Ole Miss. Now after three straight wins (including one on the road vs a ranked team), I'm telling myself to tap the breaks. I'm not saying eight or nine wins isn't possible, but I am just going to bump my expectations up one small notch and move to seven wins. 

To me, everyone in the Big 12 Conference looks beatable. However,  I think if you play the way you did against Ole Miss, any of those conference foes are good enough to take you down. Is Texas Tech talented enough and deep enough to finish in the top 5 of the conference? No question they are. But will they finish there? I'm still not sure. If Tech is able to get one of the next two games, I'll feel really good about those chances. 

So, four games into the season, put me down for seven wins. Which just so happens to be the same exact spot I started the season.  

Zach Logsdon - The Morning Drive and End of the Bench

Win totals are always an iffy proposition, and I think there's still some secondary issues that quarterbacks better than Taylor Cornelius might exploit, but it's not at all crazy to me to think 8 games is a major possibility. Feels like a season that Tech finishes 8-4 and we all look back at the Ole Miss game with very confused faces. 

Jon Sokoloff - End of the Bench and Fox 34 Sports

As of right now, I'd say the Red Raiders will win at least 7 games. The offensive line has looked experienced and dominant. The running backs are taking advantage of their opportunities, and Alan Bowman has gotten better each week. Can't go without mentioning the defense, which completely took Oklahoma State out of the game. 

Jeff McGuire - End of the Bench and The Bottom Line

To start the season I was in the 6-7 win range, and I am still right there.  I have loved what I have seen the past three weeks for sure.  I don't see a game on the schedule that the Red Raiders can't win anymore.  That was very not true to start the year.  If Tech were to pull the upset over West Virginia then the 6-7 may go to the moon.  I need another week of what we just saw to fully chug the Kool-aid.

Chois Woodman - The Bottom Line

My expectations for the Red Raiders have adjusted back to where I had them at the beginning of the season: 8-4. I could see this team winning even more than that, but I want to tap the brakes for another week. Tech looked as good as it has in any singular game during the Kliff Kingsbury era with the win over Oklahoma State. 

After seeing the product on Saturday, anything less than eight wins would be a disappoint for this team (excluding some major injuries). 

Rob Verby - The Press Box and Fox 34 Sports

I really think 8-9 wins is possible after what we witnessed Saturday night. Heck maybe more.. dare I say.  Also considering early results from the rest of the Big 12, I think Tech can compete with anyone.  I do think WVU is the best team in the conference at least as of now.. so Saturday should be fun.  Let’s hope!

Zach Sparkman - The Press Box and Tech Talk

I'm going to stick to my preseason prediction of 7-8 games. While I don't think anyone predicted OSU as a win heading into the season, I expected to beat Ole Miss so that cancels out. But after what I've seen from around the Big 12 a top 5 finish in the conference is more than doable. I'm going to try to not get too excited after one big win, if they can catch the right breaks, and keep improving 9-10 is certainly possible.

Garrett Luft - Coors Light Post Game Show

I had Tech at 7 wins WITHOUT Saturday's OSU victory. I also had Tech losing at Iowa State and Kansas State. After seeing those teams thus far and seeing Tech, I'm going to cautiously bump Tech to 8 wins.  At too many points in Kingsbury's tenure, I sensed a corner being turned and then was met with extreme disappointment. I had already picked Tech to beat WVU pre-season. If they look consistent this week with what they did last week, bump me up  to 9 wins. 

Cassie Carlson - Fox 34 Sports

I had them at 5 wins at the start of the season. After what we saw last week I think the locks are still KU, Baylor and beat Iowa State this year. From what we didn’t see from Kansas State against WVU I’d them to the list, along with Texas. I think you definitely make it to a bowl game with 8 wins, but the team we saw against OSU has to  show up like that consistently.

Jake Archer - Producer Extraordinaire

As much as I want to jump on the Tech hype train, I’ve been on this ride one too many times. That being said, Tech should safely beat KU, Baylor, and Kstate. That’s 6 wins. I think it’s possible to win 1 or 2 of the three home games against WVU, OU, and Texas. I also think we have a real shot at beating TCU in Fort Worth off a bye. I’m gonna say 8 wins but it could easily be 9 or 10.

Luke Lyles - Producer Extraordinaire

We will win no more than 7 games before bowl season. If we’re lucky we will get put in a mediocre bowl and not get embarrassed in it. We’re young and have talent, but from experience Texas Tech football tends to be very inconsistent and I’m not expecting to much out of them. 

Rene Sharp - Producer Extraordinaire

After this weekend's game I think it's fair to predict 8-10 wins. Not only did Tech look like one of the best teams in the Big 12 but we also have an incredibly favorable conference schedule. This weekend's game looked like it would be the toughest road game we would have this season and to come out with a commanding win was huge. Tech can compete with anyone this year, and getting to host Texas, Oklahoma, and West Virginia this year gives us a huge advantage going forward this season. 

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