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Surveillance video shows construction theft; builder offering reward

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

A pair of thieves stole around a thousand dollars worth of construction tools, prompting the builder to offer a hefty $5,000 reward for their identification. 

Nathan Lemons, a contractor, said a security camera on a nearby house showed the theft from start to finish. 

"It showed two guys in a red suburban, first they pulled down the alley and stole some stuff out of the tile guy's truck because there were two tile guys working at the time and they just had lunch on the patio 30 minutes before so these guys were pretty brave to pull up here while people were working and loaded up our saws and took off," Lemons said.

Lemons said the thieves planned this theft, raising points of their timing and strategic escape.

"I'm pretty sure they were watching the neighborhood, seeing when we come and go. They knew when to come in because there was a short window that they came in and got it. Like, less than 30 minutes," Lemons said.

Mike Thoma, owner of Mike Thoma Construction, said he is fed up with reoccurring crimes like this in his line of work. 

"I would estimate in the last 40 years, we lose about 10 to 15 thousand dollars every 10 years for theft. And it's random, it's sporadic, but we can't tolerate it going on. that's why we offer a large reward. We want these people to stop. Go get a job, or go to jail," Thoma said. 

Thoma said the key is looking out for each other and cooperating through communication. 

"Just pay attention to what is going on. You see somebody stealing something, call the police. The Lubbock police are really good; they just can't be everywhere all of the time," Thoma said.

Tiffany Pelt with Lubbock Police Department said it is important to report these crimes to the police, not to friends. 

"We often see people reporting it on social media, but they don't necessarily report it to us. The big thing is if you see something suspicious to go ahead and give us a call so we can have an officer go out there and look at whatever is going on, and by doing that, you could be preventing future crimes or someone from becoming a victim," Pelt said.

Investigators said these kinds of thefts have levelled off after spiking earlier this year, but home construction sites are always a popular target.

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