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LSO: Around 25,000 arrest warrants in Lubbock County

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

Captain Joseph Gilliam at the Lubbock County Sheriff's office said Da'Leon Ward's arrest was a special case of someone not knowing there was a warrant out for his arrest. He added most people are aware they committed some sort of violation, but when they fail to take care of it, there's a possibility for a warrant.

"The judges around here at least will mail out something saying, 'Hey you missed your court date, we want you to come in, etc.,' and then in the event you don't show up off that letter, they'll issue a warrant for your arrest," Gilliam said. "Not only for your original offense or original ticket, but part of when you sign that ticket is a promise to appear in court."

Gilliam said most of the warrants are for a Class C ticket, or a failure to appear in court.

According to Gilliam, there are around 25,000 warrants in the county. 21,000 are for Class C misdemeanors, which are a traffic violation or parking ticket.

"We focus our efforts on the ones that are assaultive or pose a danger with society and that's where we place a lot of our focus," he added.

Attorney, Tray Payne said in most cases the suspect gets arrested in the moment.

"Most of the time we see warrants that are issued are investigations for theft or a murder case and now we've solved it, we go get a warrant from the District Attorney's office and now we're going to go find them and actively serve that warrant," Payne said.

If you want to check and see if you do have a warrant, go to the Detention Center, Police Department or Sheriff's Office. Or get a bondsman or attorney.

"You walk up there, you turn yourself in, the paperwork's already been processed for the bond, so you're literally there for a few hours while they process you," Payne said.

"People do this, I'd say several times a month," Gilliam said. "If they have one, we'll help them get it taken care of and do our part to make sure we can get them processed in and out and make the necessary arrangements and if you don't it gives you the opportunity to hurry and go see that judge that you might have that, that might be in the process of to say hey judge I'm sorry and to get stuff taken care of that way."

There's also a national database that tracks warrants using driver's licenses, but Gilliam says it's not foolproof.

The number is 1-800-686-0570.

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