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Lubbock developers leave committee for Gov. Abbott's private fundraiser

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

Governor Abbott will be in Lubbock Wednesday attending a private campaign reception. The host committee consisted of 18 couples but is now down to 15. 

When Linda and George McMahan were disinvited, the McDougals; Delbert, Marc, and their wives were quick to defend their long time friends. 

McMahan said this is all due to bad timing since Texas Tech Chancellor Robert Duncan announced he is retiring only a week ago. Since that announcement, prominent figures in the community, including McMahan have questioned this decision. 

"I know him to be doing an extremely good job and the whole resignation just sounds fishy from the get go," McMahan said.

In an interview last week, McMahan said it takes a donation to the governor to get on the Board of Regents. At the time, McMahan did not specify he meant to the campaign.  

"I don't think it's a bad thing, it's just that's the way the system works," McMahan said.

After that story, McMahan got a call from the governor's campaign office, informing him he would be sent his $10,000 back and will not be attending the private event. 

"I was blown away," McMahan said. "I couldn't believe it. I'd never had anyone turn down a $10,000 check before." 

Marc McDougal was on a committee to recruit hosts. Once he heard McMahan's invitation was revoked, the McDougals backed out, along with parents, Delbert and Carolyn.

"If that's how the governors office is going to treat people, we decided we didn't want to be involved with it," McDougal said. 

McMahan said when he made the comment about how to be appointed as a regent, he was not trying to make a stab at the governor. 

"The unfortunate situation is we can get mad and stomp our feet, but we don't really have the political power here in West Texas to do much about it except bow down and be nice and say, please help us with our great Texas Tech University. We need funding," McMahan said.

McMahan adds he is still supportive of the governor and the work he has accomplished. However, he hopes the governor resolves what he believes are conflicts within the Texas Tech System. 

We did reach out to Governor Abbott's campaign and did not hear back regarding these defections. The private event is still scheduled for Wednesday.

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