High Point Village golf tournament to expand programs for specia

High Point Village golf tournament to expand programs for special needs students

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

High Point Village teaches nearly 150 individuals with special needs each year.

It's a place for them to fine tune social skills and build confidence, but there is more demand than there is room to accept new students.

"I can remember one time I was watching her play on the playground and she was over there playing by herself and it just broke my heart," David Taylor, the dad of a villager, said. "And I remember sitting there and going what are we going to do."

When he heard about High Point Village, he saw it as an opportunity for his daughter to develop in a judgment-free zone.

"Everybody that's there, they came in with low self-esteem and the parents will always tell you look how high their self esteem is and they're more confident so they do better in the real world too," Taylor said.

High Point serves villagers from the ages three to sixty-four.

Jaimie Havens, is a program director, who works with the students every day.

"When they start sometimes they wont even look at you in the eye. They wont necessarily engage with you, so being here, being a part of community, life skills, independent skills, money management and all of the things that we're teaching them, they're learning how to be a part of the community," Havens said.

According to the organization, more want to join the community since it's the only organization that teaches students after they graduate high school.

"You'll find a lot of these parents that bring their kids into High Point Village will be like, holy cow, my kids get up looking forward to the day, they know they've got a planned out day and they're going to be learning, trying to improve themselves and you just see the parents become really happy too because they know they don't have a person on the couch all day watching TV," Taylor said.

The money raised from the first Recognizing AbiliTEE's golf tournament is going toward starting the "Dream Big" program. It's designed for higher-need students.

"For any parent you want to see your children talk about who they're involved with, even some of the drama they deal with, and to get her to see that, even though she sometimes comes home and says, 'I'm so made at so and so,' well that's part of life though, and you get to see her experience life," Taylor said.

Brandy Wall, has been a villager for five years, and is excited for the expansion.

"I think it's going to be awesome. This is what we need. It's going to be awesome," Wall said.

According to organizers, they are hoping to raise $20,000.

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