5 things to know: Wednesday

5 things to know: Wednesday

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Lubbock teen indicted for fatal shooting in July 2017

LUBBOCK, Texas - The Lubbock grand jury indicts a 17-year-old suspect for a shooting on Independence Day last year.

Christopher Hernandez-Constancio is accused of murdering Ezekiel Gonzales,18.

Prosecutors said he shot Gonzalez multiple times at a house party near 48th and "U" the night of the fourth. Officers found Gonzales's body on the front porch of the home covered in bloody towels.

Witnesses named Hernandez-Constancio as the shooter. Police arrested him less than a week later.

A grand jury indicted his father on charges of hindering his son's arrest and prosecution. Prosecutors said he was dishonest with police when they came looking for the defendant.

Hernandez-Constancio is held on a $250,000  bond.

Saharan dust settles over Texas

LUBBOCK, Texas - If you're noticing lower visibility, the dust you're seeing isn't from eastern New Mexico or anywhere else on this side of the globe.

The Saharan dirt journeyed more than 5,000 miles, halfway across Africa, over the Atlantic, through the gulf and now settles right here in Texas.

Not enough of the desert sands have made their way into Lubbock to cause major problems, however they could be wreaking havoc on your sinuses. 

"Probably one of the most important things you can do if you have an underlying allergies or lung disease is take your medicine," said Dr. James Tarbox with TTUHSC. "If you tend to be someone who is very susceptible to the environment then you might want to go and buy a protective mask. I prefer a carbon filtered mask because they're a little better than the flimsy surgical mask. Besides that make sure your filtration systems in your home as well as your car are up to date."

There's no timetable on how long the dust could flow into the region.

Stem cells from wisdom teeth could save your life

LUBBOCK, Texas - Most people have to get their wisdom teeth out, thinking it's nothing more than just getting rid of their final set of molars, but those teeth could potentially save your life.

Doctors are now harvesting stem cells through wisdom teeth. 

Oral and facial surgeon Robert Ioppolo said the highest concentration of adult stem cells is stored within the nerve tissue found inside a wisdom tooth. 

"It's a procedure that they're gonna undergo anyway to get their wisdom teeth out, it's extremely common," Ioppolo said. "14 to 18 years old is the ideal time to look for doing it, and so while we're there, just put them in the right packaging and send them off to processing and we can do two birds with one stone."

These stem cells can treat Alzhiemers, arthritis, Parkinson's, Chrohn's disease and injuries. 

Virgin Mary's "tears" in Hobbs church determined to be olive oil

HOBBS, New Mexico - The suspected tears on a statue of the Virgin Mary in Hobbs are olive oil, according to the Las Cruces Diocese.

Back in May, worshippers flocking to "Our Lady of Guadalupe" church to pray over what they call a miracle.

The investigation at the Catholic Diocese analyzed the weeping Madonna's tears, determining it's rose scented olive oil.

It's similar to the oil priests use for baptism, confirmations, and ordination ceremonies.The appearance of the oil on the statue is still being considered a church miracle.

The investigation indicates there's nothing inside the statue that doesn't belong and nothing in the construction process suggests any moisture could've stayed inside.

If the Diocese concludes the tears are supernatural, it also must decide whether they're from God or an evil spirit.

That could be a decision Pope Francis will make.

Trump backs off siding with Russia over US intelligence
WASHINGTON (AP) - President Donald Trump is again contending that his Helsinki summit with Russia's president was a "great success" and blaming what he calls "the Fake News Media" for contrary views.
The president backed off his earlier remarks undermining U.S. intelligence agencies, saying Tuesday he had simply misspoken a day earlier when he said he saw no reason to believe Russia had interfered in the 2016 U.S. election.
Trump sought to end 27 hours of bipartisan recrimination by delivering a rare admission of error. But that didn't explain why Trump waited so long to correct his remarks. And the scripted cleanup pertained only to the least defensible of his comments.
The president had tweeted a half-dozen times and sat for two television interviews since the Putin news conference before citing the error.

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