Citizens Tower to attract business, retail and living

Citizens Tower to attract business, retail and living

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

The purpose of Citizens Tower is to bring together all city employees, into a single building. 

But the city hopes it provides more than just the building by attracting business and living.

"We're about a year into construction right now, and we've got about a year to go," Councilman, Steve Massengale said.

You can see how the building is starting to take shape if you drive down Interstate 27.

"Only in the last 45 days have we really been able to at least outwardly see what's going on," Mayor Dan Pope said. "You can tell by going around that there's a lot of work that's been done but when the glass started going on we started to see what it was going to look like."

Lubbock Power and Light will also be moving offices in a building connected to the tower.

Additionally, there will be a new parking garage and green space to accompany the mid-century modern building.

"We're spread out all the way downtown. We'll have all the leadership of those groups together in this building," Mayor Pope said. "First of all, it'll help efficiency and productivity, but we think for citizens, if you've got an issue, a question or a problem, one stop shop right down on the first floor."

"I think it's important to maintain the heritage of what was our downtown at one point," Massengale added. "This building itself has a lot of history and it's not always the answer to tear down and build new but take the things we already had and make them better."

The project is fully-funded. Taxpayers did not see an increase in the property tax rate. The project is also around $800,000 under budget.

"Successful downtowns are built by private dollars. This is just one piece that I hope that will bring some more private dollars downtown to invest in downtown Lubbock," Massengale said.

According to Massengale, the city is focused on making downtown attractive, especially for graduates and young professionals.

"They want to live downtown and they want to spend their money downtown and go to restaurants downtown and this is just one piece that could possibly make that happen," Massengale said.

The project is $64 million, all-in. That includes the $46 million in construction. 

Other redevelopment projects include Buddy Holly Hall.

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