5 things to know: Monday

5 things to know: Monday

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The Latest: Trump claims credit for boosting NATO defense

HELSINKI (AP) - President Donald Trump is claiming credit for bolstering NATO as he heads into a day of meetings with Russia's Vladimir Putin.

Trump rocked a NATO summit last week when he lambasted members for failing to meet defense spending pledges and questioned the value of the alliance before doing a 180 and embracing it.

But Trump says in a tweet that he's received "many calls from leaders of NATO countries" thanking him for helping "to get them focused on financial obligations, both present & future."

Trump says, "We had a truly great Summit" and claims it was "inaccurately covered by much of the media."

Foreign policy observers will be watching to see whether Trump has kinder words for Putin in Helsinki than he did for NATO leaders in Brussels.

School districts receive funds to expand high demand job training

LUBBOCK, Texas - Not every high school graduate will attend college. There's several professions that do not require a degree, but there are certain skills students can learn while getting their diploma. 

Through a partnership between Lubbock Economic Development Alliance and Workforce Solutions South Plains, school districts throughout region 17 will receive funds that can help clear a path to a career post-high school graduation. 

After the Texas Workforce Commission announced a $90,335 grant, LEDA matched it. The $180,670 grant funds the South Plains High Demand Job Training.

This training will reach up to 700 students across several districts. 

In total, TWC dedicates 1 million dollars state-wide to reach as many students as it can.

Beepball provides opportunity for visually impaired to play ball

LUBBOCK, Texas - Baseball is a=America's pastime, but unfortunately there are some who may not get the chance to play simply because they can't see what's going on, that's where beep baseball comes in.

Everything about Beep Ball is roughly the same as baseball, with the exception of one key element: the players are blindfolded.

It's intended to simulate being visually impaired. 

"People usually walk away with a better appreciation of people with vision impairment, a better appreciation for the vision they do have," said Cassie Johnston with the Alstrom Angels. "It's just a great way for us to bring in the whole community so that everyone can be involved and everyone be a part of it even though they are designed for visually impaired kids and adults, everyone can be a part of it."

All the proceeds raised from the two-day tournament benefit the Alstrom Angels.

UPDATED: 15-year-old charged in murder near 79th & Interstate

LUBBOCK, Texas - Sunday morning, the Lubbock Police Department detectives arrested a 15-year-old male for the murder of Abraham Herrera Jr. on July 13.

Police received reports of shots fired near 79th Street and Ash Avenue. Responding officers located a male gunshot victim outside a home with life threatening injuries. Herrera was taken by ambulance to University Medical Center where he was later pronounced deceased. 

Detectives with the Persons Crimes Unit began investigating immediately, and within 24 hours a suspect was identified.

The 15-year-old male was later arrested and charged with murder.

Distracted drivers admit to "poor decision making"

LUBBOCK, Texas - A distracted driver could end up ruining any day for almost anyone. Envista Forensics surveyed drivers who confess to splitting their attention while driving. 

The survey put dangerous driving into four categories: rushed, distracted, intoxicated and aggressive. DPS Sergeant John Gonzalez says when it comes to distracted driving, there is one common denominator. 

"You see it every day. I can be driving my personal vehicle and the biggest distraction is my cell phone. Whether they are talking on the cell phone, dialing on the cell phone, or texting on the cell phone, you have that technology in front of you and it's distracting," Gonzalez said. 

Of the survey's four categories, the majority results for each didn't really justify the poor driving, marking the reasoning as poor judgment. Gonzalez says that's made the license process more difficult. 

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