Despite more Americans exercising, obesity rate still climbs

Despite more Americans exercising, obesity rate still climbs

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

More Americans are exercising than in past several years but the obesity rate is still climbing. 

24 percent of surveyed adults last year completed enough exercise to meet the government's recommendations. That is three percent more than a couple years ago.

Apparently, just getting that exercise is not enough, since 31 percent of respondents said they were obese in 2016. Doctors at Covenant Health System said it will take both exercise and diet changes to bring down the obesity rate. 

"If you're exercising and you have a poor diet, then the chances of you keeping that weight off or losing the weight are not going to be that great," Dr. Travis Eggl said. "If you flip it, if you're not exercising but you have a great diet, you may lose the weight but when you start adding in foods that are unhealthy it's going to be easy to gain weight."

The feds recommend 150 minutes a week of moderate intensity workouts or 75 minutes of more intense exercise. Tommy Parrish with Covenant  Health Lifestyle Center said you can get that with the exercise classes, but consider bumping that up to exercising four to five days a week, and do not forget to rest. 

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