Your window tint could affect your wallet

Your window tint could affect your wallet

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

You can feel it when you are driving, you have your arm next to the window and it almost feels like it is burning from the sun beaming down on your car. 

To fix this, some opt to tint their windows. 

"They want it for privacy or heat rejection," said Nathin Flemins, a technician at Scott's Custom Tint. "We have films that just have heat protection or one that just does privacy."

Depending on which tint you get, it can drastically change the temperature in your vehicle.

"The legal film for Texas is a 30. It blocks 46 percent of the heat," Flemins said. 

30 is the percentage of light allowed through the window. In Texas drivers are allowed to have as low as 25.

"At night it really limits your vision being able to see vehicles going down the road, so that is a big problem when you're looking to the left or to the right, you pull out on on a roadway, heavy or dark tint really limits your ability to see those vehicles and can make you make a fatal mistake," said Lt. Bryan Witt, DPS. "Another thing for our prospective is it's officer safety. When you're walking up to a vehicle and the vehicle is so dark that you can't see the occupants inside so the window tint is there for a reason."

There are exceptions to the law. You can apply for a medical exemption for a darker tint on the front windows, however this does not allow you to tint your windshield.

"Say you have sensitive eyes or skin cancer, you can't do it on the windshield," Flemins said. "That's another thing I've been seeing a lot of. People saying, oh yeah you can tint my windshield because I have a medical thing because I have sensitive eyes, that's not the case. The law is for front doors only."

If you are caught not in compliance you can be ticketed and you will not pass inspection.

"You're going to get red flagged, you're not going to get an inspection sticker, you can get stopped by LPD, DPS, any officer," Flemins said. "It's not really worth it. Stay legal, don't have any problems."

If you are unsure of how dark your windows are, Witt said you can bring your vehicle to the DPS office and a Trooper will be more than happy to check it for you free of charge.

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