Family of Tech student found dead at Raider Park increases rewar

Family of Tech student found dead at Raider Park increases reward

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

This story has been edited to reflect the Abdullah family doesn't "dispute" the medical examiner office's determination for Abdullah's death.

In April, a worker found 22-year-old Noble Douglas Kimanthi Abdullah's body outside a parking garage off Marsha Sharp, across from Jones Stadium. 

His family questions the "undetermined" manner of death from the Medical Examiner and is now doubling the original award for whoever can tell them why their son died.

Abdullah, otherwise known as Kimo was found on the morning of April 8th. The Medical Examiner's office reports the fall killed him but does not report an intent, as in suicide or homicide. 

His parents said they are not giving up just yet. 

"Kimo did not deserve what happened and he will be missed by us and many many others," Noble Abdullah, Kimo's father said. 

Kimo was a junior at Texas Tech who studied computer science and technology. He was involved with mix martial arts and jujitsu. At the time, he was training for an upcoming match. 

His mother said he was going on his usual jog at 4 A.M., but the route does not include the parking garage. The autopsy report indicates he died from multiple blunt force injuries following the fall. 

Katunge Abdullah said her son was not suicidal. 

"When he left that morning, he had his cell phone and key so he could come back into his room," Katunge said. "You know he changed, because he had been out that night, just like college kids do."

The autopsy revealed his blood alcohol content was 0.216. That is one and half time the legal limit. However, his parents do not believe it is as factor in his death. 

"Many times when his friends would go out partying and drinking, they would go for jogs afterward to help get the alcohol out of their system," Noble said. "When we entered his room, we noticed that he had drank quite a bit of water before he left so we feel, especially because he was appearing for a match, he went out for an early morning jog to sweat it out." 

Lubbock Police report there is nothing suspicious about Abdullah's death and no foul play indicated. According to the police report, around 2 and 3 A.M, unidentified subjects were seen running past a security camera but it did not capture anything else suspicious. 

The family has hired a private investigator. 

"We did see that data was transmitted either to or from his phone at 4:24 AM and again at 6:24 AM," Noble said. "So we're also trying to find out what that data was about. It'll give us more information as to what happened that morning. We're also in the process of getting more information regarding videos." 

They are confident someone was involved and are determined to find out who. 

"If information comes forward, this is going to benefit everybody in that community because if this can happen to Kimo it can happen to anybody else," Katunge said. "This is for the good of the community and as well justice for our son." 

The reward for information is $20,000. Information should be forwarded to 806.620.8464 or

While Lubbock Police have closed Abdullah's case, you can still call 806-741-1000 if you know anything about his death. 

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