5 things to know: Thursday

5 things to know: Thursday

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Graduating Lubbock quintuplets begin separate lives

LUBBOCK, Texas - Since their historic and miraculous birth, the Wells quintuplets have been inseparable. They are all grown up now and will be graduating high school. 

"They do have plans to split up and spread out and I think it is time," said Jamie Pitman, the mother of the five. "They've been together almost everywhere there whole entire lives and it's time for them to spread out it's time for them to be individuals and not be a quintuplet all the time." 

The Wells brothers are the third set of all boy quintuplets to be born in recorded history. They were born on December 14th, 1999, ten weeks early. Pitman calls her children's birth a miracle with very few complications. At first they thought they were having triplets but she said God had bigger plans which were confirmed by the second sonogram. 

"There were five heartbeats so it was a shock," said Pitman. "It was scary, but we view these boys as blessings and as God's plan for us so we just moved forward with that." 

The boys said growing up as a quintuplet has always been normal to them. Although they are a group of five each one has his own identity. 

Jantzen will head to the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland and pursue a military career as a marine corp pilot. Briley will be attending Lubbock Christian University and major in history and wants to be a church history teacher. Zach and Jaden will continue to pursue their music attending South Plains College and major in commercial music. Landen will continue his Instagram ministry called 'Jesus Saves the Lost' and has decided to stay close to family here in Lubbock. All five will be graduating with honors from Lubbock High. 

'Crying' Virgin Mary statue brings hope and a 'miracle' to Hobbs

HOBBS, New Mexico - Inside a catholic church in Hobbs, New Mexico, hundreds of worshipers have come and gone to pray to a statue of the Virgin Mary who they believe is shedding tears.

The tears began during a noon mass on Sunday. Priest Jose Segura was reluctant at first to believe his eyes, so he called in two other priests. 

"I walked up to the image of the Virgin and I first thought someone soaked her," Segura said with a translator. "I asked who put water on her eyes and everyone told me no, she's crying so I looked closer, they cleaned her eyes and she kept crying."

Since then, the statue, originally from Mexico has not gone an hour without being prayed to. Judy Ronquillo, the church's business manager, said it is a sign from above.

"There is a God up there and she's trying to say something, she's to say something to us," Ronquillo said. "We need to pray, we need to pray for everything that's going on." 

Visitor, AnnaMaria Cardinally is from Santa Fe. She is one of many who believe Mary's weeping over recent tragedies around the world. 

"It makes a lot of sense given the state of the world, it's not that she's smiling but she's crying," Cardinalli said. "So that breaks our heart and it hopefully  moves us to some kind of action." 

The church will remain open for 24 hours a day for visitors. Segura said the tears are preserved as part of an investigation by the Archdiocese of Las Cruces. 

Woman uses personal tragedy as motivation to help others

LUBBOCK, Texas - After fighting it for years, cancer killed Caprece Hernandez two months before her daughter, Selena Arroyo, graduated high school.
During Caprece's battle Selena cared for her, while finishing school.  

"I had to feed her, take her to the restroom, and do a lot of other things as well. It was hard especially for me because it was my senior year," Arroyo said. 

At the time, Selena had no background in medicine, so she had to do some research to provide her mother the care she needed.    

"I wouldn't be where I am today without her because during my senior year she needed care. No one in my family knew how to take care of her the way they needed to. My school was providing a CNA course so I could learn how to take care of her the right way," Arroyo said. 

 She's now a nursing assistant for Covenant's Oncology department, A career path she never though of pursuing. 

"Without my mom I don't think I'd ever be interested in nursing. I had no insight as to what nursing was about. I didn't know what taking care of a person really meant. It had such a big impact on my life," Arroyo said. 

 Selena's pleased with the progress nurses are making

"We're here to help the families and give them comfort and let them know that they can trust in us with their children," Selena said. 

Gov. Abbott to meet with attack victims at today's roundtable

SANTA FE, Texas (AP) - Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has convened the first of three roundtable meetings to address school violence and safety.

In so doing, he pledged to seek ways to prevent more school shootings like the one last week at a Southeast Texas high school.

Tuesday's meeting was with school administrators, law enforcement and officials with programs that arm Texas teachers. Abbott said he'll meet Wednesday with gun rights and gun control advocacy groups and Thursday with attack victims.

The focus of Texas Gov. Greg Abbott's meetings on school safety and mass shootings is shifting to those closest to the recent violence, including students, surviving victims and even one person who grabbed a gun and fought back.

Abbott called for the meetings after last week's attack at Santa Fe High School killed 10.

He will meet Thursday with more than 30 people who can give their accounts of the Santa Fe attack and another that occurred last November at a rural church in Sutherland Springs.

NKorea says Pence remarks were 'stupid,' willing to not meet
TOKYO (AP) - A top North Korean official says recent comments by U.S. Vice President Mike Pence were "stupid" and "ignorant" and again warns the country is willing to pull out of a planned summit with President Donald Trump.
Choe Son Hui, the vice minister of foreign affairs, was quoted Thursday by the North's state-run news agency slamming comments Pence made in an interview with Fox News that compared North's Korea to Libya, saying they showed that he does not understand North Korea's situation.
She also questioned whether the summit with Trump would be worthwhile if the remarks reflect Washington's position.
KCNA quoted her as saying: "We will neither beg the U.S. for dialogue nor take the trouble to persuade them if they do not want to sit together with us."

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