Graduating Lubbock quintuplets begin separate lives

Graduating Lubbock quintuplets begin separate lives

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

Since their historic and miraculous birth the Wells quintuplets have been inseparable. They are all grown up now and will be graduating high school. 

"They do have plans to split up and spread out and I think it is time," said Jamie Pitman, the mother of the five. "They've been together almost everywhere there whole entire lives and it's time for them to spread out it's time for them to be individuals and not be a quintuplet all the time." 

The Wells brothers are the third set of all boy quintuplets to be born in recorded history. They were born on December 14th 1999 ten weeks early. Pitman calls her children's birth a miracle with very few complications. She said it took her and her ex husband Mike Wells about five years to get pregnant. At first they thought they were having triplets but she said God had bigger plans which were confirmed by the second sonogram. 

"There were five heartbeats so it was a shock," said Pitman. "It was scary, but we view these boys as blessings and as God's plan for us so we just moved forward with that." 

The boys said growing up as a quintuplet has always been normal to them. Although they are a group of five each one has his own identity. 

"I'm really into history and theology," said Briley Wells. "Those two things are my passion."

"I'm really into the military," said Jantzen Wells. "That kind of identifies who I am and what I want to do with my life." 

"I really like music and I am a pretty big nerd I like fantasy, like world of war craft, match of the gathering I'm all over it," said Zachary Wells, "That's pretty much what I'm into is video games and playing base."

"I spend a lot of time working at my church," said Jaden Wells, "I'm a Christian Arts intern so I get the chance to help create stage design, create lighting systems you know do stage effects and all that stuff and then combine that with my music as well."

"I'm more into like theology and history like Briley is," said Landen Wells. "I also like video games." 

With graduation only a few days away the Wells boys and their parents are getting ready for all the changes that are ahead. They will each part ways and pursue their own dreams and goals.

Jantzen will head to the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland and pursue a military career as a marine corp pilot. Briley will be attending Lubbock Christian University and major in history and wants to be a church history teacher. Zach and Jaden will continue to pursue their music attending South Plains College and major in commercial music. Landen will continue his Instagram ministry called Jesus saves the lost  and has decided to stay close to family here in Lubbock. All five will be graduating with honors from Lubbock high. 





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