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Lubbock politicians promise action after latest school shooting

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

After yet another school shooting, many are wondering if the 10 slain at Santa Fe High will be enough to push politicians to do anything to stop the bloodshed. 

"We will assemble all stake holders to begin to work immediately on swift solutions to prevent tragedies like this from ever happening again," said Gov. Abbott. 

One of the solutions the Governor mentioned, Texas Tech's Telemedicine, Wellness, Intervention, Triage, and Referral (TWITR). It is a program that screens students who are at risk of committing violence at schools.

"We can be better at predicting at profiling kids that may end up in this situation," said Lubbock Sen. Charles Perry.

Perry said that can come in the form of better communication at the school level.

"When you're not talking to the kids and you're just seeing it on social media, you're relying on that and not actually talking to the kids, the kids can tell you that kid has a screw loose and it's going to happen tomorrow.," he said. "There seems to be a lack of connectivity there with the kids that probably know more than we could ever guess."

Besides implementing programs such as TWITR across the state, he said it is time to take a serious look at school security.

"Every school district has to look at, are we fortified outside? Once that's done, are we fortified inside when someone gets loose with a gun and what's our response. Is it at the mercy of first responders that do a great job but arguable three minutes is a long time when someone has a weapon."

He, alongside Lubbock Rep. John Frullo and Congressman Jodey Arrington all take the stance that force needs to be met with an equivalent force.

"The school's got to be prepared to take on the active shooter at the point of contact, whether that's a resource officer, law enforcement or an armed teacher or administrator," said Arrington.

"Often times the anti-gun people think the way to do it is to take everybody's gun away from them which is absolutely the worst thing to do," said Frullo. "I'm against that. It's been said a number of times, the only way to stop a bad person with a gun is a good person with a gun and I believe that we should be able to exercise our second amendment rights and defend ourselves."

Arrington said at the end of the day government policy can only do so much.

"We want it to change and we want to do everything we can to change it," he said. "I do think there are some root causes to this that go beyond governments ability to address."

Perry said he is confident the issue will be addressed come next legislative session and President Trump reassured that his administration is determined to protect students.

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