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5 things to know: Thursday

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County judge: State has 'moral obligation' to help Crosbyton after hail storm

CROSBYTON - The damage speaks for itself. The town of Crosbyton is working to recover after Tuesday night's severe hail storm. It took out several vehicles, roofs and windows.  

One building that got extensive damage is the nearly century-old Crosby County Courthouse. County Judge David Wigley said it was the worst damage the building has sustained. He said it is important crews repair these windows sooner than later. 

"We're busy a lot of days, but you don't have other places to go," Wigley said. "We have a fairly large number of people of poverty living here. Anywhere from working poor on down that need help. Senator Cruz's office called me this morning, wanting to know what they could do to help."

Wigley is hopeful the state will declare it as a disaster county. Until then, residents are doing what they can to help out. This includes a group of seniors from Crosbyton High School. 

"These kids, you know, they just came outside and offered to help," Custodian Carey Calderon said. "I had two kids last night come out and help clean up the cafeteria. We lost all the south side windows on the cafeteria and I think we left here about 10 o clock last night." 

USDA Rural Development will be at the city hall Tuesday offering applications for either $7,500 grants or $20,000 to anyone who qualifies. 

The evolution and future of how we pay

With new and innovative ways to pay emerging almost every year, it seems like we've been plagued with figuring out each way to pay. From cash, checks, cards and digital pay. It's hard to know what to use, and what's accepted where.

When it comes to buying and selling, most people tend to stick with what they grew up using.

"If you think of my grandparents generation, they use cash. 'Cash is king, and I'm not going to do this credit card thing,' Carrasco said. "I'm sticking with my credit card. I do have a debit card but I've never used it. Never. I just don't see the point. If I can use a credit card and I've got cash, I can't find the reason to use the debit card."

However, cash has a major flaw.

"Not only do you have to trust yourself to not lose the cash, you have to trust the person sitting on the bus next to you to not rob you. You have to trust the person walking behind you to your car to not steal from you," Carrasco said.

Cash is still a significant part of commerce as it's accepted universally. Now, hundreds of millions of cards have been activated.The average American has about three cards each. Whether they're debit or credit cards depends on the person.

At the turn of the century, PayPal emerged as a new way to complete online transactions. It started the digital wallet phenomenon by adding a layer of convenience to e-Commerce. PayPal's website is secure and encrypted and hides your account information.

While PayPal is leading the digital payment charge, Apple Pay on your smartphone or Apple Watch and Google Pay have also emerged as frontrunners in the digital wallet marketplace.

House and Senate to vote on sports gambling legislation

The 1992 federal law that banned sports betting was struck down by the Supreme Court, leaving it to the states to decide if they want sports gambling legalized.

Sports betting will be brought to the Texas House for a vote. If the House and then Senate vote to approve,  it will go to the people to decide. State representative John Frullo is not confident it has a future.

"Last session there was a gaming bill that didn't make it out of the House floor," Frullo said. "It was not heard in committee in the senate so at this point it's probably unlikely that the laws will change in Texas any time soon."

Some gambling experts say they're concerned the court ruling will create a gambling epidemic.

On eve of anniversary, Giuliani says probe should end
WASHINGTON (AP) - President Donald Trump's attorney Rudy Giuliani is urging special counsel Robert Mueller's team to wrap up its investigation on the eve of the probe's one-year anniversary.
Giuliani tells Fox News Channel's Laura Ingraham that Mueller "has all the facts to make a decision" after 12 months investigating Russian meddling in the election, possible collusion with Trump's campaign and possible obstruction of justice.
Giuliani says Mueller has "gotten 1.4 million documents, he's interviewed 28 witnesses. And he has nothing, which is why he wants to bring the president into an interview."
He adds that, "It's about time to say enough" because "we've tortured this president enough."
So far, the special counsel's office has charged 19 people - including four Trump campaign advisers - and three Russian companies.

Giuliani said he was informed that Mueller's team cannot indict a sitting president. 

US has daunting to-do list to prepare for NKorea summit
WASHINGTON (AP) - President Donald Trump and his team have a daunting to-do list to work through as they prepare for next month's expected summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.
Trump's plan to meet with Kim may have come as a surprise decision. But his team hopes to leave nothing to chance when they come together in Singapore. Policy plans, negotiating tactics and even menu items are being gamed out.
With two unpredictable leaders, it's hard to anticipate every possibility. But White House aides are expecting hard-ball negotiating tactics - already in evidence this week as the North Koreans cast fresh doubt on the sit-down.
Logistical concerns and more come as the U.S. formulates its strategies for the talks, including what the U.S. is prepared to give up.

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