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Donations made to bring Planned Parenthood back to West Texas

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

Iowa lawmakers passed a bill that restricts abortions after a heartbeat is detected.

According to pro-choice activists, its the most restrictive measure of its type in the nation.

Planned Parenthood promised a long legal battle and called it an embarrassment to the state.

Meanwhile, anonymous donors gave more than nine million dollars to the Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas to build clinics in West Texas.

Now, State Senator, Charles Perry is pushing against the non-profit with a petition.

Lubbock's Planned Parenthood and abortion clinic closed in 2013.

According to Perry, the community is doing "just fine" without it.

"I think our community and our values and the faith in this community, it's faith-based for sure, doesn't want them back in this city," Perry said.

Dorothy Boyett has been a pro-life activist since the 80's. When the Lubbock clinics were open, she spent her time preaching the gospel to both staffers, visitors and patients. 

She said if clinics open, she'll be there again.

"We'll also be taking names of people building the clinics and electricians and plumbers and anyone that has anything to do with building the clinic and we will picket their businesses," Boyett said.

According to Senator Perry, Planned Parenthood is in the process of buying real estate. He thinks once contractors find out who they are working for, the process will stop.

"We've contacted several realty groups that are pro-life, religious and faith-based and said just be on the lookout and there will be those that sell and those that sell annoyingly," Perry said.

Boyett believes the non-profit doesn't fit the West Texas way.

"They are in the business of sexual activity and mostly unmarried people and young people and college aged people and so I don't think that's a good thing to promote," she said.

Courtney Rickel is a junior at Texas Tech. She is pro-choice and believes times have changed.

"I think it's a totally different way of life and when those people were growing up, the world was different. I think society was different and I think it was less accepted to have premarital sex and to not be married and people back then were getting married earlier so there wasn't as big of a reason," Rickel said.

She added Planned Parenthood provides services that go beyond abortions, like education.

"Especially with my generation we weren't taught sex-ed in high school. I never went through that," she said. "We just had in fifth grade we had a video learning about our periods and that was it. So even just to have that simple education of this is what you can do and just to have a clinic like that would be a nice thing to have."

There isn't a location set for where the clinics will go in the region, or when.

Senator Perry is circulating a petition, getting signatures to show public opposition to Planned Parenthood.

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