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Rep. Arrington pushes for Congressional term limits

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

Lubbock Congressman Jodey Arrington met with President Trump this week to discuss term limits. 

According to multiple polls, support for term limits ranges anywhere from 75 percent to 80 percent. 

Arrington alongside a California Democrat, Ro Khanna introduced a constitutional amendment last year that would limit both House and Senate members to 12 years in Washington.

In a statement released by Arrington after the meeting, he said, "our freshman class represents a new generation of policy makers in Washington who came here not just to move the furniture around, but to really change the game, fundamentally."

These changes are not something Seth McKee, a political science professor at Texas Tech, think are needed.

"A House Representative typically serves around eight years and a Senator typically serves about two terms, 12 years," McKee said. "And so they often put in place term limits at the state level that actually reflect the typical tenure of a member to begin with."

McKee argues Congress already has the best for of term limits.

"There's an election every two years for the House, there's an election every six years for the Senate. There's no one really bulletproof in American politics. You do a lousy job, you're going to lose. You're either going to lose in the primary or you're going to lose in the general."

He said history is not favorable for term limits either.

"What happens is the lobbyist and people who are more permanent than the members themselves, they become the ones with the expertise, and so new people that come to serve in a state legislature, they're going to the lobbyist to find out how this place works because they're the ones with the institutional memory."

Arrington's amendment, despite heavy support, faces an uphill battle. It must receive a three-fourths majority vote by both chambers and then be ratified by 36 states. 

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