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Victim's mother: Rodriguez is 'getting what he deserves'

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Rosendo Rodriguez, 38 Rosendo Rodriguez, 38
Joanna Rogers Joanna Rogers
LUBBOCK, Texas -

Rosendo Rodriguez is scheduled for execution in Huntsville Tuesday evening. Summer Baldwin was pregnant at the time of her murder, and in Texas, the unborn child counts as another victim. 

Rodriguez later admitted to killing a Lubbock High School student, Joanna Rogers. 

Baldwin's mother Uvah Robak said it is not only the final step to a long judicial process, but a means for closure. She believes he is getting what he deserves. 

Rodriguez killed the 29-year-old in 2005, put her body in a suitcase, and chucked it in a dumpster. Investigators found her remains in the Lubbock landfill. 

Robak hopes his execution deters other criminals.

"If you commit such an horrendous crime, murdering people, the death sentence is still there and it will be carried out," Robak said.

Rodriguez also confessed to killing 16-year-old Joanna Rogers in much the same way. District Attorney Matt Powell credits investigators for finding Joanna's body in the same landfill. 

"It was important for us to bring Joanna home to her mom and dad," Powell said. "When he got ready for the plea, he backed out of his plea and then the rest, we were able to seek his death penalty." 

Joanna's mother, Kathy Rogers said she prefers to remember her daughter, instead of thinking about vengeance. 

"The execution is not what I focus on, to me Rosendo doesn't exist anymore," Rogers said.

She said she is thankful she can sleep at night, knowing he can not prey on any more victims.

"I'm happy he is where he is," Rogers said. "I'm happy Joanna is where she is. He can't hurt anybody else and that's enough for me." 

During the prosecution, Powell said five women testified about how he raped and terrorized them. 

"This is a man that victimized women for years and years and years and I think it's an appropriate punishment based on all the evidence," Powell said. "There's no joy, I'm not celebrating the fact that he's getting executed tomorrow but I do think it's just punishment for all the crimes he's committed."

Powell called Rodriguez a monster and said even if he is locked up, he can still hurt other people.

"In the back of my mind, I kinda felt that you know he may be responsible for others, but we have no physical evidence that had suggest that he had killed anybody else other then the two women we know about, but he was awfully good at it," Powell said.

There is an appeal pending in the Supreme Court to stay the execution. Powell said unless Rodriguez admits to another murder, it is unlikely it will spare his life.

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