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Lubbock Bomb Squad sees uptick in suspicious package callouts

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

Lubbock fortunately has not experienced a serial bomber, but with several bomb threats in the area over the last six months, it's become apparent we all need to be aware of our surroundings at all times.

After the multiple bomb explosions in Austin, Lubbock Bomb Squad Commander Sgt. Chris Eppler said we should all be wary and report anything suspicious.

"You show up at your house and there's a package on your front door step and you don't feel it's yours, you don't know how it got there, don't even get out of your car. Back up and call us. That's what tax dollars go to pay, is for us to come out and take care of that situation," Eppler said.

There's been an uptick in calls over suspicious packages since last week.

"Some of them people forgot they had ordered something and it showed up, stuff that was being shipped to a house that was the right address but the wrong name on the package, concerned people and rightfully so with the things going on."

Federal grant funding and staffing levels are based on how many calls the squad answers. So, the more work, the more money.

"If we start running a massive number of calls, especially live, active calls we can end up increasing the number of bomb techs that we have in the area."

He said the tricky situation facing techs in Austin is the seemingly infinite ways to construct these improvised explosive devices.

"You can build an IED and there's not a set number of how many types there are because it's up to the imagination of whoever is building it. You can build it a thousand different ways, if not more. They know that law enforcement may get wise of how they're doing it, and change it up to continue on with their spree of violence," Eppler said.

The site of any explosions could expose evidence.

"On post-blast, you're going to get the original container that it came in, the initiator -- what set the charge off. Some of it will actually stick around. There's lots of things that could stick around, you'd be surprised. Look for fingerprints, DNA, we're constantly losing skin cells, we're constantly losing hair. Whoever built the device could have touched the tape and left a fingerprint. There's no telling."

Austin Police has more than 500 FBI and ATF agents working these investigations.

"They're probably getting inundated with suspicious package calls left and right at this point and they're running high-profile, quick, as fast as they can to diagnose it and move on."

Governor Abbott announced Monday the release of more than $265,000 in emergency funding for APD and the Texas Ranger Bomb Response Team. this money will be used to purchase seven additional portable x-ray systems used in assessing a package's safety.

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