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Former drug addict turned Christ follower thanks to Hale Co. Constable

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Carl Elledge has a checkered past to say the least.

"I've been in trouble with the law for forever. I started doing drugs when I was a junior in high school," said Elledge. "A lot of my hell I created myself you know? And whenever I meet Terry, he changed my life."

Carl and Terry Timms' relationship started back in October.

"I lived in a house with no electricity and no water and I had the people that owned the house, they were trying to get me out of there," Elledge said. "They'd owed me a bunch of money and I told them I wasn't leaving until they paid me or I felt like I got my money's worth so they took me to court and they evicted me and Terry came out to evict me."

This was not Timm's first encounter with Carl though. He had a bit of a reputation with the law.

"You hear the name, you hear the vehicle description, you automatically know who it is, you've dealt with them time and time again," said Timms.

Something that night was different though. Carl, in Terry's eyes, had had enough. 

"At the completion of the eviction process Carl pretty much hit his knees," he said. "He kind of threw his hands up and said he lost everything. I've lost it all, you know I have nothing. I take advantage of situations like that as a Christian because you've never lost it all. So I consulted with him and we prayed that night and I promised to introduce him to Christ and show him who Christ was in a better life."

Timms found him a place to live, sponsored him in a Christian summit to help in his walk with Christ, and got him working.

"I put him to work at my residence at first. Everyone kind of thought I was crazy for having him at my house but I mean this man has accepted Christ, he has a renewed faith, I have absolutely no thought whatsoever about him taking anything from me. I mean he's a good guy."

Once Elledge got going, Timms got him working at the apartments he and his wife manage. It has allowed Elledge to earn some money and get back on his feet.

"I was 51 years old before I started really living" Elledge said. "I never even knew what living my life was and it's already half over. I love that man. He has, he took the time, he saw something in me that nobody else seen."

Do not try to give Timms any credit for the turn around though. To him, it was just the right thing to do.

"I can't tell you how many chances the good Lord has given me over the years so for me to run my back and not give someone else a second opportunity, it would be pretty hypocritical," Timms said.

Elledge plans to get baptized soon. When he does it will be done by none other than the man who he said he owes it all to. 

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