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5 things to know: Monday

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Moms Demand Action: Lubbock chapter emerging

LUBBOCK, Texas - The day of the Sandy Hook shooting, a Facebook page was created named, 'Moms Demand Action'. Since then, It has become one of the leading nonprofit organizations fighting for gun-sense laws. 

The emerging Lubbock chapter held it's first meeting and it was not just moms who showed up. Teachers, professors, dads, and aunts all came out to discuss the purpose of the organization. 

Francesca Di Poppa is a Texas Tech professor and aunt. She said she wanted to get involved to continue the example victims of the Parkland, Florida high school shooting had set. 

"It breaks my heart that children in schools have to go through a shooter on campus drill, and they have to think, oh I'm going to school and one day there might be an armed shooter, and my life is going to be endangered," Di Poppa said. "My nephews and nieces in Italy, that's just not something that's in their mind." 

She said her family back in Italy owns guns and is supportive of the right to carry, but said America needs reform.

"I want it to be clear that people who own guns should not think a group like ours is intent on taking away our guns," Di Poppa said. 

Her hope is this group will continue to drive the debate. 

"I think we can all agree that if people have better education when it comes to guns, and if guns can not easily fall in the wrong hands, then I think we're better off," Di Poppa said. 

Sen. Sanders: 'West Texans can change political climate'

LUBBOCK, Texas - It was a full house at the Civic Center, as former presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders spoke to a mixed crowd. "Our Revolution Texas" hosted the Vermont senator in an effort to build a strong progressive movement. 

The senator riled up the crowd, touching on multiple issues important to young voters such as medicare, affordable higher-education, and common sense gun laws.

"I think what people all over this country, what parents who are sending their kids off to school everyday are saying, we may not be able to completely solve this problem, but we have got to do everything that we can," Sanders said. 

He even targeted gun shows, a common practice in the area. 

"If we believe in background checks, which the vast majority of Americans do, gun owners, non-gun owners alike, believe, " Sanders said. "Then why do we continue to have a gun show loophole, which allows millions of guns shows without any background check at all." 

Sanders ended his speech with a message of unity.

"What our job seems to be, is to bring all our people together, the working people, the middle class, the low-income people who are struggling, to stand up together, to demand a government that represents all of us, not just wealthy campaign contributors," Sanders said. 

Lubbock was the last stop in his Texas tour, after San Antonio and South by Southwest in Austin.

Texas Tech Basketball heads to Dallas for March Madness

LUBBOCK, Texas - There was a lot of anticipation on Selection Sunday for Raider Nation.

Fans gathered for a celebration to watch with the team and find out where it would be seeded for March Madness.

Texas Tech is a number three seed in the East Region and will play in Dallas against the number fourteen seed Stephen F. Austin.

"From a confidence standpoint we are getting back on track," said Head Coach, Chris Beard. "We are playing some of our best basketball and we are a confident team."

Three of the five starters for the Red Raiders are from Dallas. "We were hoping and praying on Dallas and to be a three seed. It's amazing that we've worked so hard all year and all off season," said senior Justin Gray. "It's great to see hard work paying off. Now it's a new season and it's time to lock in and make history."

The game will be Thursday, March 15th at the American Airlines Center. Tip off is scheduled for 6:27 PM and will be televised on truTV.

President Trump proposes several gun control measures

The Trump Administration unveiled several gun and school safety proposals Sunday night.

The proposals include plans to strengthen security in schools, improve background checks for gun buyers and overhaul parts of the mental health system.

There was no formal plan about increasing the age limit for buying certain firearms -- something President Trump said he would support.

But the proposals do include a plan to create a commission chaired by Education Secretary Betsy Devos that will recommend policy and funding proposals for school violence prevention, including possible age restrictions for purchasing some firearms.

An official said findings from that commissions are expected to be reported within one year.

The proposals come more than three weeks after 17 people were killed in the Parkland, Florida school shooting.

President Trump's steel tariffs impact local operations

When President Trump announced his tariffs on foreign steel and aluminum, he intended to revitalize the steel industry. 

But some economists say it'll do nothing of the sort though.

While it may help reopen mills and get others operating at capacity, it's going to hurt other areas that rely on low prices like Randy Teinert's operation that sells steel and aluminum to manufacturers around the Lubbock area.

"It's going to really tighten it up," Teinert said. "We're going to see prices increase, we're going to see some shortages probably in the short term and maybe even in the long term until we really know what's going to be affected."

Canada and Mexico are exempt from the tariffs for now, but many are worried that the affected countries could take aim at American goods.

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