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Stolen rides are on the rise in Lubbock

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

There was a steady rise in the number of auto thefts in the city and in Lubbock county during 2017. It's become one of the most common crimes now, the targeted vehicles are of all makes and models.

"We had approximately 1800 vehicles that were stolen in 2017," said Mandy Myers, analyst and crime prevention coordinator for the Lubbock auto theft task force."But we still had a really great recovery rate of approximately 1650 to 1700 recovered." 

Recovering those vehicles required a joint effort from LPD units and sheriff deputies patrolling the streets and utilizing various resources. 

"They are out running license plate readers things like that," said Myers. "That's one tool that we can utilize that reads all the license plates around the area and anything stolen will of course come up on that, but a lot of its just good people working hard to recover the vehicles."

Myers adds that some vehicle owners get lucky while others just have to wait it out, most crooks take advantage of an opportunity provided by the victims and most seem to think that vehicle theft is just a one victim crime or a one time occurrence. 

"It's a crime that goes on and on people are stealing the vehicles," said Myers. "They are either going to commit other crimes, other thefts around the county things like that or like we saw at the beginning of the year there was quite a few police chases in the stolen vehicles." 

It is important that you do the due diligence and don't make it easy for these criminals, simple enough, do not leave your car running or leave your keys inside the ignition. 




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