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5 things to know: Friday

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Breedlove unable to ship thousands of meals to Puerto Rico

LUBBOCK, Texas - In October, Lubbock's Breedlove Foods sent thousands of dehydrated meals to hurricane ravaged Puerto Rico but they did not make it to the island. 

The Federal Emergency Management Agency's mission was to deliver 30 million meals as soon as possible. Bill Miller, CEO of non-profit Breedlove said it was offered a deal through Tribute Contracting that would assist FEMA with the delivery.

"We worked out a delivery schedule and that was basically 18 containers a day starting October 18th," Miller said. "One a day, each containing about 38-thousand meal servings and the total amount of contract was 1.8 million. "

But after Tribute failed to deliver 30 million 'self-heating' meals, FEMA terminated the contract. This left Breedlove with thousands of meals and no where to ship them.

"We shipped the first container on October 18th and we got a call from the logistics company driver and they said the FEMA agent had refused this shipment," Miller said. "No seals were broken on the container, we basically had done everything we were suppose to do under that contract." 

Breedlove produced enough food to fill four containers, which is about 140,000 meals. It is now stored in a warehouse. 

Miller said Breedlove has not filed a lawsuit against Tribute, but is still looking into options. As for the stored meals, It is sustainable for up to two years and Miller is hopeful Breedlove will find means to distribute them.

The 'JUUL' vaporizer: The lesser evil? Or a risky bandwagon vaping trend?

Smoke shops in Lubbock are seeing an uptick in sales of little devices called the JUUL

It's marketed as an alternative for adults who smoke cigarettes, but it's picking up steam on college campuses and even high schools nationwide.

It's got a nicotine content equivalent to one pack of cigarettes.

Dr. Gilbert Derdine, a pulmonologist with Texas Tech Physicians has his own opinions on vaping.

"E-cigarettes have their own set of toxic chemicals, but they are different from what's in cigarettes, but the smoke, the vapor is a lower temperature for the e-cigarettes," Derdine said. "You don't get the thermal injuries that you get with conventional cigarettes."

The long term effects of vaping won't be known for decades. As was the case for traditional cigarettes, the back and forth over health risks will likely be ongoing.

Man found with fatal gunshot wound in car outside McDonald's

LUBBOCK, Texas - A man was found with a fatal gunshot wound in a vehicle outside of McDonald's at 50th and the Interstate. 

Police received the call after 6 p.m. Thursday.

Detectives were called to the scene due to suspicious circumstances. 

David Carrillo convicted for capital murder in double homicide

LUBBOCK, Texas - A Lubbock jury convicted David Carrillo of capital murder for the deaths of his former common-law wife Jennifer Cruz and her boyfriend, Albert "Bo" Martinez Thursday afternoon after a little more than an hour of deliberation.

After the conviction, Cruz's and Martinez's families burst into tears. 

Carrillo shot and killed Cruz and Martinez in Cruz's home in April 2015, after breaking into the house. He claimed he was there to "confront" Martinez about threatening messages he says Martinez sent on Facebook. Carrillo claimed Martinez "came at him." 

Prosecutors played 911 tapes from the night of the murder, where jurors heard Cruz and Carrillo fighting before several shots and screaming. Carrillo shot Cruz four times, including once in the head, and Martinez once in the side of the head.

In closing arguments, the state reminded jurors that Carrillo was a jealous ex-lover who did not want others to have what he did not want. Assistant D.A. Barron Slack asked the jury to consider all the evidence and to not make things complicated. 

Defense attorney Jeff Sheets argued that his client blanked out at the time of the shooting and that Carrillo was acting in self defense. He added that if Carrillo had anything to hide he would not have cooperated with investigators. 

In the prosecutions response, Assistant D.A. Sunshine Stanek asked jurors to consider all the evidence, especially the 911 tapes and Carrillo's interview with detectives. 

In victim impact letters, Cruz and Martinez's sisters called Carrillo evil and selfish. They said that they struggle with not having them around anymore. 

The Lubbock County District Attorney's office did not seek the death penalty in this case, so Carrillo faces an automatic sentence of life in prison without parole.

Congress stumbles into gov't shutdown, budget deal stalled

WASHINGTON (AP) - The U.S. government stumbled into a shutdown at midnight as a rogue Senate Republican blocked a speedy vote on a massive, bipartisan, budget-busting spending deal, protesting the return of trillion-dollar deficits on the watch of Republicans controlling Washington.

The shutdown - technically a lapse in agency appropriations - was the second government closure in less than a month, another product of election-year partisan disputes and persistent internal divisions in both parties.

As the clock hit midnight, Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney immediately implemented plans to close non-essential government operations, said spokesman John Czwartacki.

The move essentially started a race to the next deadline - the scramble to reopen the government before federal employees were due to report for work. The Senate planned to hold votes in the middle of the night and send the budget deal and temporary spending measure over the House by dawn.

If the measure passes in the wee hours of the morning, the government would open in the morning on schedule.

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