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Local teen has new philosophy after coma

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Parents dread even the thought of getting a phone call that their child is in danger.

Two weeks until school starts, Tyler Doane was soaking in the last vestiges of summer.

"We went out on the golf cart one more time before it got too late," Tyler said.

Not long after Tyler and his friends headed out, mom, Aimee Doane, got a frantic phone call from Tyler's younger brother.

"Screaming. I couldn't really understand what he was saying, but I knew something was bad.

"I decided to stand up and swing back and forth on the golf cart, just as a joke. I don't know, I'm a teenage kid. It was just something fun and ended up falling off," Tyler said.

Tyler was rushed to Covenant Children's, that's when the family got more bad news. 

"Dr. Belirgen and the ER doctor told us that the CT scan indicated he had multiple skull fractures and suffered a traumatic brain injury," Aimee said. 

Doctors determined it was necessary to put Tyler in a medically induced coma.

"As I looked up at Dr. Belirgen, I knew that The Lord had put him there to take care of Tyler. And as scared as we were there was a sense of calm, that I knew that we were in the right place," Aimee said.

He was in the coma for a week. Aimee said it was the longest seven days of her life.

"They prepared us with realization that until he really woke up, we wouldn't know the extent of the damages to his brain, ya know, how what that affect his thoughts, feelings, behaviors," Aimee said.

"When I woke up in the hospital I was like do I have cancer? What's wrong with me? Why am i in here? Why can't i just go home... I kept asking if it was a dream," Tyler said.

Doctor Belirgen, the neurosurgeon was confident he'd get back to normal.

"I'm very happy with how he progressed. He was one of our success stories here at covenant," Dr. Belirgen said. 

Tyler said the year after the accident, it consumed his mind.

"I feel like it's really woke me up and showed me how much life means and how easily it can be taken away from you, anything can be taken away from you," Tyler said.  

And now, nearly two years later, he's not letting the devastating event hold him back.

"You can either be afraid of it for the rest of your life or you can go on and just always keep it in the back of your mind but just realize that it shouldn't hold you back from things in life," Tyler said.

Aimee gives thanks to The Lord and Covenant doctors for bringing Tyler back.

"I can't even begin to explain. You see doctors and nurses, they go through school, they read the book. But there is no amount of books or education that could teach these doctors the compassion that they had," Aimee said.

And next time you think about doing something silly...

"it doesn't really matter what it is, think twice about it before you do it because i definitely do that now with anything," Tyler said.

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