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Immigrants question whether to file taxes or not

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

Another deadline looms over the future of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA) which protects children brought to the country as illegally as children. The administration's immigration policies also stripped away the temporary protective status (TPS) from central Americans. These immigrants now have to face the decision over whether to file their taxes for a government that seeks to evict them.

"Well they are concern," said Paola Ledesma, immigration attorney. "They've asked me should I file or should I not file my tax return." 

Ledesma recommends to always file regardless of what temporary legal status you may have whether it be DACA, TPS, or an employment visa, paying uncle Sam could prove to beneficial down the line. 

"It is better to comply with IRS than not especially if there is something in the future for DACA holders like the government and congress are talking about right now," said Ledesma. "Than might as well file your tax return and then you are in compliance with the law."

Ledesma suggests immigrants need to use tax professionals to protect themselves. Raul Alvarado is one of those professional tax preparer and has worked with many foreign exchange students covered by different immigration statuses and said don't be afraid to file. 

"If they have a permit to work and they have been working than chances are they had taxes withheld from their paycheck," said Alvarado. "One of the reasons to file is to get some of that money back." 

Any form of earnings, whether its wages or salaries has to be reported to the government by April 17th. 





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