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Eppler: "Disaster Artist" plays like an inside joke

"The Disaster Artist" is essentially a fan movie - a loving tribute to a cult film from 2003 called "The Room," which was a bizarrely awful picture made to be taken seriously but was received as a big joke. It's still a favorite for midnight theater screenings after all these years. And if you're not already in on the joke, you can be forgiven for being baffled by this new movie.

"The Disaster Artist" is a real treat for "The Room" devotees, but it's also a very funny, sweet and surreal movie.
A big part of the fascination with "The Room" has always been its creator Tommy Wiseau, a man with a mysterious background and bankroll who claims to be from New Orleans but speaks with a vaguely European accent and tends to skip articles in the English language. Tommy is played by James Franco, who also directs and co-wrote the screenplay. And he attempts to go deeper than a mere impression of Tommy. 

Dave Franco, James' younger brother, stars as Greg Sestero who befriended Tommy in acting class and admired his bravery on stage.When the two find it difficult to break into the movie business, they decide to make their own with Tommy writing, directing, producing, financing and starring.

Stories about the film's production are notorious, and we see many of them acted out here. Some of the most famous scenes from "The Room" are recreated perfectly, which sometimes feels like the real reason Franco wanted to make it in the first place.

"The Disaster Artist" doesn't reach the comedic heights or dramatic depths of "Ed Wood," - another movie about an awful auteur - but it works as a loving portrait of an idealistic artist desperate to create and accidentally succeeding by failing so spectacularly.

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