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Local farmer and chef create Farm to Fork Gastro Truck

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The Farm to Fork Gastro Truck is bringing locally produced food with a twist.

Before the Farm and Fork Gastro Truck, Chef Antonio Pina managed the food and beverage departments for three different hotels.

"That's where I would hold some events and Albert would come by and we'd talk," Pina said. "He's like lets do a food truck and I was like sure let's do it and like I said never took it seriously until we really sat down."

The two decided it was too great of an idea to pass up.

"Why don't we bring the farm and the fork to everyone's table or curbside and also do private events?" Pina said. 

"Finally I said let's just pull the trigger on it and let's do it, let's get a truck and we will start it there," Farmer Albert Pereira said. 

"Sure enough before I knew it, I was flying out to Richmond, Virginia and driving a food truck back across the state," Pina said. 

The truck pairing was Pereira Pasture's products and Chef Tony's culinary skills.

"Our thought was 'let's just get food out there to them'," Pereira said. "We met Tony and it was a perfect pairing. I'm the farm, he's the fork and it's just a magical deal."

Farm to Fork, strives to keep everything local.

"We produce as much as we can, we will source other products from local farms as well," Pereira said. "Actually, this pork, this beef, it was raised 20 miles from here and processed in Tulia, so we try to keep it local as much as possible and we hand it off to Tony."

"For me, it's a lot of pride knowing here in West Texas, we have all of this quality produce," Pina said. "From the feta to the goat cheese, the milk there has so much to offer in our own backyard, that I don't think a lot of people know."

Each unique meal is created by both the farmer and chef.

"I'll come up with an idea or like a product and I'll run it by him and say 'hey, we can raise this beef, this center way or cut it this certain way' and then he will just ramble off five different ways of how to prepare it, you know like 'wow, that all sounds great'," Pereira said. "That's where my talents stop as far as the production side and that's just where his takes off. "

"It's been a lot of fun and for us it's always cook with your heart and bake with a lot of passion, so we love what we do," Pina said.

You can taste the passion in each bite.

"In a few years, we will go to a brick and mortar and we will be up and running," Pereira said. 

The Farm to Fork Gastro Truck is located at 82nd and Slide, in front of Drug Emporium.

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