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Eppler: The 10 best movies of the year

With Oscar nominations being announced Tuesday, here are my choices for the 10 best of the year along with an honorable mention. Watch the video for the complete report including clips from the movies.

Honorable Mention: "PopStar: Never Stop Never Stopping"
A fake documentary that smartly satirizes pop music and celebrity. I've seen it three times and still laugh hard. It's the millennial "Spinal Tap."

#10: "Weiner"
A real documentary that follows the implosion of Anthony Weiner's political career and the sexting scandal that may have even helped sink Hillary Clinton's presidential run. Weiner's wife, Huma, is the most tragic figure in any movie this year.

#9: "Zootopia"
Speaking of politics, "Zootopia" is a brilliant social commentary that's also wickedly funny. A bold movie from Disney.

#8: "The Witch"
One of the best horror movies I've seen in a while. This mood piece about a Puritan family terrorized by evil gets in your head and stays there.

#7: "Everybody Wants Some!!"
Richard Linklater's look at a Texas college baseball team over a weekend is hilarious and poignant in its take-down of macho insecurities. 

#6: "Moonlight"
The meaning of masculinity is also at the center of "Moonlight" - a gorgeous, quietly devastating and deeply romantic portrait of the kind of life that doesn't get made into movies. 

#5: "Sing Street"
This treasure about a group of private school kids in Ireland in the 80s starting a rock band is pure joy. For nostalgic musicals, I'll take this over Oscar favorite "La La Land."

#4: "Arrival"
A splendid sci-fi anchored by a sublime Amy Adams performance. It's about our need to communicate, connect and work together - a message we desperately need to hear right now.  It's also a tightly wound sci-fi mystery with big questions that  treats its audience with respect.
#3: "Midnight Special"
A throwback to early Spielberg sci-fi that never loses its focus on a father and son relationship. Despite the fantastical elements, in the end, it's an intimate movie about a father having faith in his boy. 

#2: "Silence"
Martin Scorsese's film about Christian missionaries in 17th century Japan is a beautiful meditation on faith and the sacrifice, suffering and solace it can bring. It's a deeply moving piece of work that isn't afraid to ask God tough questions.

#1: "Hell or High Water"
The best movie of the year is a perfect modern day western with three great lead performances and a story that keeps surprising. Its sense of time and place is flawless: our part of West Texas is as much a character as any with lines to speak - from the beautiful and parched terrain to the colorful characters who inhabit it. This is a new Texas classic.

Ten more receiving votes:
"La La Land"
"Manchester By the Sea"
"Rogue One: A Star Wars Story"
"Nocturnal Animals"
"The Neon Demon"
"Miss Sloane"
"Sausage Party"
"The Lobster"

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