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Fox 34 Corner Kitchen: Spooktacularly light dinner ideas

Candy Corn Tostadas


* 2 cups Orange cheese of your Choice (we liked Cheddar)

* 2 cups Yellow cheese of your choice (we liked Colby Jack)

* 2 cups White cheese of your choice (we liked Monterey Jack)

* 8 Corn tortillas

* Butter

1. Heat a skillet over medium heat. Place a single buttered corn tortilla on skillet, butter side down. Sprinkle ¼ cup of the white cheese in the middle of the tortilla, then 1/4 cup of the orange cheese, then ¼ cup of the yellow cheese on the outside ring.

2. Cook the tostada until the cheese melts. Remove to a plate. Cut into triangles and serve.

3. Repeat steps one and two for each tortilla.

Carrot "Pumpkins"

3-4 carrots

1. Using a sharp knife, cut slits lengthwise down the carrot.

2. Carefully make a perpendicular cup from the edge of the carrot until it just intersects the first cut you made. Remove the wedge shaped section of the carrot that you just cut.

3. Repeat on the other side of the carrot.

4. Slice the carrots into rounds or little pumpkins!

Orange and Black Skewers

1 (6 oz.) container of blackberries

1 cantaloupe, sliced and cubed


1. On one skewer, place one blackberry and then one cantaloupe cube. Continue to repeat until the skewer is full.

2. Repeat with each skewer.

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