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Eppler: 'Accountant' works with unique premise

"The Accountant" is a cool movie - a twisty action mystery partially grounded by some genuine character work. 

Ben Affleck is Christian Wolff - on the surface, he's a meekly reserved CPA helping nice folks find deductions. But away from the office, he's globally wanted numbers expert working for massive criminal organizations and corporations - which are sometimes the same thing. And if that weren't intriguing enough, Wolff also has a high-functioning form of autism and happens to be a weapons and hand-to-hand combat expert.

Admittedly, that's a lot to pile on one character. Affleck underplays it beautifully with a complex, layered performance without exploiting his character's mental disorder. While Wolff's struggle with autism feels authentic, his childhood fight training by a hard-nosed military father feels more like something out of a hokey super hero movie. 

When Wolff is called in by a shady corporation to find millions in missing money discovered by book keeper Anna Kendrick, they both wind up being targeted by henchmen. At the same time, Wolff is being hunted by the feds in the form of J.K. Simmons and Cynthia Addai Robinson.

The mysteries of who Wolff is, his background and who wants him dead don't coalesce easily - in fact, the movie comes to a dead stop about three-quarters through so it can explain everything and untangle itself.  While some of the twists are obvious, there are a at least few genuine surprises.

You might call "the Accountant" a thinking-person's action movie with plenty of bang and brains for your buck.

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