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Eppler: New 'Ghostbusters' charming, laugh-out-loud funny

Look. Let's get something straight off the top: The way Hollywood works now, "Ghostbusters" was always gonna get remade. And personally, I like the implications of an all-female take on the material rather than an R-rated version with Seth Rogen and his friends busting ghosts through a haze of bong smoke and mushroom hallucinations.

The first "Ghostbusters" is a lightning strike kinda movie - so good even the original crew couldn't make make it work a second time. That's something these misogynist virgins in the Internet He-man Woman Haters club don't wanna admit, but it's true. And admittedly, whoever marketed the new "Ghostbusters" needs to be fired because the terrible trailers belie a movie that is often laugh-out-loud funny and charming.

The script by director Paul Feig and Katie Dippold takes time to develop characters and relationships so the laughs land so much better. 

The four leading ladies are some of the most talented emerging comedy actors of the day. Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon are all Saturday Night Live alumni, and Melissa McCarthy is one of the best SNL hosts of the last decade. Their comedy chemistry pops, but the real breakout here is McKinnon - a revelation.

While there's been a lot of carping about women taking over the "Ghostbusters" roles, the movie doesn't lean into gender politics. Indeed, this script could have been performed by men with a couple tweaks, which is really the ultimate feminist statement, right down to the hiring of an employee based solely on sexual attraction.

The final quarter of the movie gets lost in a muddled action set piece big studio movies are wont to do, and there's perhaps a bit too much fan placating, but overall, this new "Ghostbusters" is one of the better movies of the summer so far, and I'd wager that the next "Ghostbusters II" will be better than the last one.

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