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Eppler: 'Mike and Dave' a decent date night diversion

"Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates" follows what's become the new formula for raunch comedies - heavy on the talented cast ad-libbing their lines and plowing recklessly through site gags that mostly don't land.

The first part of that equation is what works about this movie with the four leads playing off each other nicely. And since "Bridesmaids" made it OK for girls to be as dirty as the boys the movie takes advantage of that level playing field with some very funny results.

Adam Devine and Zac Efron are Mike and Dave, two party boys whose parents want them to bring nice girls to their sister's wedding in Hawaii. Their online search goes viral, catching the attention of Aubrey Plaza and Anna Kendrick, who are every bit as rowdy as the guys, and they find a way to sucker these fools into taking them on vacation.

From there, the movie plays out exactly as you'd expect with the boys realizing they're in over their heads.

The movie tries waaaayyy too hard to be outrageous, and the gags are clunky but the charming cast is worth watching. Kendrick and Plaza have great chemistry, and Devine from "Workaholics" is certainly ready for the big leagues. Aparently, some studio execs think Efron is hilarious, casting him in three comedies this year - at best he's a decent straight man, and I'm starting to suspect being shirtless in all his movies is in his contract.

"Mike and Dave" isn't anything special, but there are enough laughs for a decent date night diversion. 

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