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Eppler's Top 10 movies of 2015: part 2

We're continuing our countdown of the top ten movies of 2015. Numbers 10 through six can be seen here. 

5. "The Martian"

With all due respect to Han and Chewie, "The Martian" was the year's best space adventure by a long shot. Matt Damon delivers the best lead actor performance of the year, and the best of his career so far as an astronaut left behind on the Red Planet. I'm so excited to love a Ridley Scott movie again. It's a shame the fools in the Academy didn't see it that way and left him out of the Best Director race. 

4. "The Big Short"

The Academy was right in giving Adam McKay a Directing nomination for "The Big Short." It's a comedy about the start of the 2008 economic disaster, which, on its face, is no laughing matter. But McKay, who also co-wrote the screenplay, has crafted a searing satire that's both brutally funny and maddening. This is a movie that can help people understand the complicated ins and outs of the collapse in an easily digestible and entertaining way.

3. "Inside Out"

"Inside Out" just might help viewers understand themselves a little better. This animated movie is deeply written and its observations about the human condition are sneaky smart.  Plus, it made me cry - so, there's that. 

2. "Love & Mercy"

"Love and Mercy," is one of the most criminally ignored movies of this year. This portrait of Beach Boys mastermind Brian Wilson is a music biopic unlike any I've seen with John Cusack and Paul Dano showing different sides of a troubled genius twenty years apart, and Elizabeth Banks as the woman who comes to his rescue. This picture is a treasure, even if you don't know the Beach Boys from the Backstreet Boys.

1. "Mad Max: Fury Road"

The best movie of 2015 is "Mad Max: Fury Road." When it roared into theaters this summer, I called it an instant action classic we'll be talking about for years. And now it boasts 10 Oscar nominations. Director George Miller's vision of a wrecked world is stark and beautiful and the film itself is more than just a two hour chase through the wastelands. It's an ecofeminist parable. Miller dares to make a woman the center of this story, and Charlize Theron's Furiosa is the ferocious feminist hero we need in a genre populated by muscle-bound mumbling meat-heads.

"Fury Road" is a film lover's feast - a new gold standard in action.

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