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Local shops regain normalcy after the blizzard

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Lubbock's blizzard kept many indoors, leaving stores shut down due to icy roads and large snow drifts.

"It was pretty bad Monday and Tuesday, obviously we couldn't even get out of our driveways on Monday, Tuesday we still couldn't get in to our parking lot because it was still covered in snow until about four that afternoon so finally Wednesday.We finally peeped we were able to kinda get into our  parking lot and finally open some doors," Bybee owner, Melissa Bybee. 

"The snow killed us we were closed for three days and we finally got open Wednesday and actually business has been great," Ralph's Records manager, Doug Stapp said. 

J.Roberts was open on Monday, but have had limited hours. 

"We been kinda closing early cause the roads we'll leave early so its not too bad," J. Roberts sales associate, Courtney Pelkey said.

Closed doors mean no business, but these store owners weren't concerned. 

"The day after Christmas really like helped us a lot cause the way we were closed after that we were kinda like evened out," Pelkey said.

"Actually we already had our best year long ago, so yeah we're good the snow stinks it is what it is you either love it or you hate it uh but no it didn't effect us a bit," Stapp said. 

"Luckily we hit it off pretty strong earlier in the month in December, so we ended up actually reaching our goal for December we actually surpassed it. Luckily, we're glad we pushed it harder earlier in the like I said in the month of December rather than wait late in the year, I mean the month," Bybee said. 

With the books intact, the new year is now the focus.

"We're trying to get rid of everything, all of our winter clothes, so we can bring all of our spring clothes in," J. Roberts sales associate, Hannah Stanaland said. "And we have all our spring clothes in the back and were just waiting to push them out," Pelkey said. 

The new year is bringing some changes to one store. 

"We're changing up our store a little so were going to be doing some remodeling here getting it ready made some changes bringing in some new vendors for our customers," Bybee said. 

Ralph's Records is taking the new year as it comes.

"It's a new year, you have to take every year differently it's a business you gotta roll with the changes so I don't know we'll see how this year acts in the next four months," Stapp said. 

Photojournalist Heath McCarty
Samantha Waddell

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