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Born and raised in West Texas, Tejano has always been a huge part of my life! I didn’t know I wanted to be in radio until I heard someone say my dad’s name on the radio. I was like “Did they just say my dad’s name?” lol Well they did, it just so happened that the guy who gave my dad a “shout out” was the same guy I knew as the loud dude with the red cap on. It was then that I knew I wanted to be that loud obnoxious guy too, except better looking! So far so good, I have a face for TV too you know! Lol Anyway, During this time Tejano was on the national scene it was cool seeing Selena, La Mafia, and Mazz, etc on TV shows where the hosts only spoke Spanish.  It felt good to see that, because there was finally someone out there just like me who spoke the same type of Spanish I spoke “TEXMEX”.  As Tejano continued to grow, I continued to follow many of these artists, attending concerts with my parents, buying Tapes (member those?) and taking my 35mm camera to capture those moments. Let’s fast fwd to 1999 I was a senior in High School and we have what they call “Shadow day” it’s basically when you get to hang out with someone in the field you want to get into. Well of course I chose RADIO, and the next thing you know I’m at the radio station shadowing with the Magic Morning Team, it was then that I got to know what exactly it was to be a “DJ”. I got to hear myself talk and I ain’t gonna lie, I was like “WHOA!! THAT’S ME!! I’M ON THE RADIO!!!”  I was hooked by then, and Not only that I got to meet a majority of the staff, I’d see them at concerts and I’d go to say Hi, take a picture AND get an autograph! To me they were like ‘local celebrities’ and for some reason I wanted that! (sarcasm) Nah but in all seriousness to me it was the coolest thing in the world. I remember I kept calling up to the station to see if they were hiring, every time it was “not at this time”. I never gave up though because I FINALLY got my break in 2001, and I’ve been here ever since!  Weekends, Morning Show, Night Show, Oldies show, and NOW you a can catch me WEEKNIGHTS M-F 7-MIDNIGHT! Do you face book? Look me up “Sisco Perez”, I’ll add you I ain’t scared! 

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